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Issue 2 Volume 4 May 2009
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Twelve Technical Skills
Going Beyond Coaching Clinics
Helping Athletes Trust Their Skills
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In this issue we've included another great article by Tom Turner that all youth soccer coaches will want to read. Brian Gotta explains why there is more to coach training than clinics, and sports psychology
expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn shares his thoughts on helping young athletes trust their skills when competing.
As always, we encourage you to contact us with any questions or suggestions, and we appreciate your interest in CoachDeck.

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 Twelve Technical Skills Every Player Should Learn  Tom Turner
By Tom Turner, Ohio State North Director of Coaching

It is the range of techniques that generally separates players into ability groups. Those who are most comfortable in possession; those who can individually and collectively create solutions to small-group tactical problems; those who can impose their unique personality on a game; and those who can meet the athletic challenges of the higher levels are going to be the top performers. Everything about team and player assessment begins with individual technique.  Read Article
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 Brian GottaGoing Beyond Clinics to Ensure Quality Coaching 
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Think about the last coaching clinic you attended. How much of it do you actually remember? If you're like most people, you'd be lucky to be able to recall fifty percent of what you saw and heard. When it comes to providing a valuable and enjoyable experience for your recreational players, the importance of the quality of coaching they receive from your parent-volunteers is second-to-none. But are you doing all you can to ensure your coaches are the best they can be? Read More
Soccer in the Sand
Soccer in the Sand
Enjoy all the thrills and competition of regular soccer in a fun and unique beach setting. Events for all ages. Go to to learn more. 
 Helping Young Athletes Trust Their Skills When Competing Dr. Cohn
By Dr. Patrick Cohn, President of Peak Performance Sports

Do your sports kids excel in practice, but freeze up in competition? Do they have a hard time just being spontaneous and "free" when they compete? Are they so afraid of making mistakes that they don't take risks? Read Article