Farmily Staff and Alumni Newsletter
August  2015!
What's been going on since you last heard from us?
It's hard to believe summer is almost over!  The crowds are already dissipating and many of our summer students have gone back to school.  We've already dipped below 100 employees from our season high of 117 and we'll lose another 20 by the 2nd week in September!  That means I'm doing lots of exit interviews with people when it feels like just yesterday I was doing their new hire paperwork. We've made some great friends this summer and hope that many will return to us next season. For now, we are wrapping up the last 2 weeks of summer and taking advantage of the beautiful beach weather we've had this year. We had our season end staff party on Friday, August 21st at Cisco Brewery and enjoyed great music from Lance Mountain Band, a great variety of food from the local food trucks from Millie's, The Lobster Trap and Yoho Raw Bar, and captured fun memories in the Photobooth (see below).

If you are leaving soon, please be sure to schedule an exit interview with Laura before you go!   Thanks for an amazing season and everyone's hard work.  Many people picked up extra shifts and worked long hours when were short staffed and your effort was much appreciated! We hope everyone will stay in touch and let us know what you are doing in the off season!   
Bartlett's Farm Tomatoes!!
~ by Andrew Spollett

August on Nantucket means beautiful beach days, the Boston Pops playing at Jetties beach, and of course, Bartlett’s famous field tomatoes!  Our tomatoes truly are a taste of summer on Nantucket, and they are highly prized by our customers.  The combination of sea breeze, our well-drained soil and the farming experience of the Bartlett family combine to produce our great tasting tomatoes. 

The field tomato production is divided into three groups: large red tomatoes, cherries and grapes, and heirloom varieties.  The primary difference between the red tomato varieties and the heirlooms is the method by which they are bred.  All the large red tomatoes we grow are F1 hybrids, or first generation hybrids (remember freshman biology?)  This means that two distinct tomato varieties were crossed - or bred - together, with the offspring exhibiting traits from both varieties.  This breeding technique is utilized by seed companies and agricultural universities to develop new varieties which have superior flavor, shelf-life, disease resistance, and vigor.  These hybrid tomatoes are not genetically modified, rather they are created using breeding techniques that have existed for hundreds of years.  GMO crops actually have their DNA altered in a lab setting, using viruses to vector traits into the plant’s genetic code.  Traditional plant breeding intentionally crosses two varieties together to yield a new variety, utilizing the plant’s natural reproductive functions.

Heirloom tomatoes are open-pollinated, which makes them inherently different from hybrid tomatoes.  The term “open-pollinated” refers to the natural method of pollination, where insects and weather are responsible for the pollination of flowers.  This means that a plant’s traits are established and maintained over time: rather than crossing two varieties together as with hybrids, open-pollinated tomatoes are stable from generation to generation.  Therefore, seeds from open-pollinated varieties can be saved for next year and the trait of the tomato will be true.  Saving seeds from hybrid tomatoes will not yield the same desirable traits in the next generation.   
My favorite tomatoes that we grow are the Sweet Orange cherries because they have an intense flavor and high acidity.  My favorite red tomato is called Celebrity, which is a medium sized tomato with a beautiful globular shape and deep red flesh and it’s excellent for both eating fresh and making sauce.  I also love the Green Cherokee, Brandywine and Great White heirlooms, which all have very complex flavors.  I use the heirlooms to make caprese salad with the Maplebrook burrata, Farm-Grown organic basil, and a bit of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  August is primetime for our incredible tomatoes, try a new variety that you haven’t tasted before and let me know what you think!

Want electronic copies of your Photobooth Strips?
Staff Photo Contest Winners
Farm Category
1st Place ~ Ellen Greene
2nd Place ~ Rachel Amaral
3rd Place ~ Jova Prestes dos Santos
Honorable Mention ~ Antonio Mastrodomenico
Farmily Category
1st Place ~ Sophie Le Bris 
2nd place ~ Sophie Le Bris  
3rd Place ~ Hien Nguyen
Honorable Mention ~ Antonio Mastrodomenico
Island Category
1st Place ~ Antonio Mastrodomenico
2nd place ~ Rachel Amaral

3rd Place ~ Lauren Keereweer
Honorable Mention ~ Jessica Wild
Critter Category
(A new category this year just because
we had some really cool pictures of little critters!)
1st Place ~ Jova Prestes dos Santos
2nd Place ~ Andrew Spollett

3rd Place ~ Rachel Amaral
Honorable mention ~ Jova Prestes dos Santos 
Sunset Category

1st Place Tie~ Antonio Mastrodomenico (Above)
and Caroline Borrelli (below)
2nd Place ~ Antonio Mastrodomenico
3rd Place ~ Drew Smith
Some of these images have already been used in our various social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, the Farm Dirt and at the registers.  We had many terrific entries and will try to include them in future newsletters.  These and many others can be seen in the Season End Slide show, which can be viewed here.
There's a whole Island out there.....

Fall is an amazing time on Nantucket and those of you sticking around the island are in for a treat!  There are still tons of fun things to do, and sunsets just keep getting better. Sign up to get a frequent newsletters sent by to stay up to date on all activities.  
Where are they now?
Carmen Campbell (formerly Pacheco), from Columbia, was one of our Agricultural Trainees 3 years ago. 

“I am now working as a Quality Assurance Technician in a cheese company in Rochester MN.  I have been married for 6 months after 4 years in a relationship. We have a kitty named Frankie.  We are a happy family.  We love going fishing, exercising in the gym and outdoors activities in general. We are looking forward to the Minnesota State Fair and the Renaissance Festival. I love food quality control and I will continue pursuing my dream on that field.” 
Please say hi to everybody and that I miss working with you guys!!
Carmen with her wife, Allison Campbell, and their kitty, Frankie. 
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