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A new look for the Fashion District...

In the last decade, the Fashion District has transformed from a 9-to-5 business destination into a downtown neighborhood open well beyond the 5 p.m. with residents, cafes, galleries, restaurants, bars, events and entertainment. The district logo and branding need to represent the essence of the neighborhood, its palpable energy, vibrant colors and diverse offerings.


The L.A. Fashion District Business Improvement District (BID) is announcing an updated brand for the Fashion District. We will roll out the new brand over the next couple of weeks. You'll see the new Fashion District logo on our website and social media and later on our Safe and Clean Team uniforms, marketing materials and signage.


Our goal is to illustrate the dynamic offerings and creative nature of the neighborhood. The new logo represents the diverse businesses, people, and industries that coexist here. The geometric letters intersect to form new colors symbolizing the interconnectivity of our community.


The new color palette is, quite literally, the colors of the district. The black, salmon, hot pink, yellow, blue, and green can be found in the fabric rolls and mannequins that line the streets, the flowers and plants of the flower markets, the umbrellas and displays in Santee Alley, the pink and green of San Pedro Wholesale Mart and City Market South, the murals that adorn the neighborhood, and the signage of The Orpheum and The Theatre at

Ace Hotel.


Since the founding of the BID in 1996, the Fashion District has boasted a series of logos. Perhaps you’re familiar with this early purple design? Or this runway model version? The “lady in the hat” was created as part of a way finding signage system for Downtown Los Angeles in the 2000s.


Though we are switching to a new logo and color palette, the “lady in the hat” will continue to exist in the public space as part of the City’s way-finding signage – for now.


We hope you like our new look!

For more information on any of the events, please contact the CFA office at 213-688-6288