October 2017 Newsletter
Dear HPN prayer team,

We are headed into the busiest time of year – from the new Fall TV season, through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and then the new year, we start just holding on for the ride right about now. So, would you pray that we ALL find the peace of God during this last quarter of 2017.  And that we will take the time to share our faith in Jesus to others and pray that the Christians in Hollywood will do the same with their co-workers, friends, bosses, neighbors and acquaintances! Let’s pray!



•  More Christians are working in decision-making positions in Hollywood
•  George Clooney’s prayer for America
•  Keep praying for the Spiritually Healthy Creativity Conference in London
•  Read the response to last month’s prayer regarding the political climate
•  Keep praying for complete healing for Brenda, Edie, Marion, Jill, and Jen
•  Keep praying for Chris Pratt and Anna Faris during their separation
•  Pray for Hollywood’s one time most powerful producer, Harvey Weinstein
•  Pray for 3 serious issues in our industry: perversion, privacy & prejudice
•  Pray for the Lord to be visibly, tangibly, powerfully present at The AFM
•  Pray for Lady Gaga and her struggles with fibromyalgia
•  Pray for singer and songwriter Fergie Duhamel, of The Black Eyed Peas
•  Become a One-To-One Prayer Partner or start an HPN Local Chapter
•  Don’t miss our upcoming events

Christians Influencing Hollywood
We are seeing more and more Christians working in decision-making positions in Hollywood. Be encouraged that you are making an eternal difference by praying for Hollywood and praise God for His faithfulness in answering your prayers! Check out Mastermedia’s daily list of Media Leaders and Cultural Influencers to pray through. More and more people on this list are people of faith.
Mastermedia's Daily List

George Clooney's Prayer
In response to the football players taking a knee during our National Anthem, George Clooney posted a public prayer, so we want to praise God for that. As a married man and a new dad of twins, let’s pray that George and his wife Amal, both have a hunger for the love of Jesus in their lives and family! As you pray, read George’s prayer for our country. 
George Clooney's Prayer

Spiritually Healthy Creativity Conference
Please keep praying for the Spiritually Healthy Creativity Conference in London on October 21st as Karen and other speakers, share their passion with a gathering of creative artists. The London Diocese of The Church of England, in partnership with The Haven London, are hosting the event on the Creative Arts. Continue to pray for the preparations by Peterson Feital and the spiritual battle he’s experiencing in the process.  We pray that the day will be life-changing for everyone who attends – both Believers and pre-Christians alike! Click here to learn more about Rev. Feital. For info on the conference, click here.

Political Tensions in Hollywood
In response to last month’s prayer request regarding the political climate, I got a kind response from an HPN member who felt that my approach was not neutrally sensitive enough, so he wrote a suggested alternative. I loved it and decided to print it: “Please pray for the political tensions in Hollywood. People often incorrectly associate Christianity with a certain legislative agenda. We know that God isn't a Republican or a Democrat and as Christians our allegiance is to God first, and when it comes to choices we have to make politically about any earthly entity like a political party or ideology, we pray for each Christian to have the Holy Spirit's guidance to discern which group comes closest to expressing God's heart. The enemy loves it when caricatures of Christians are created which then drive non-Christians away from Him. We are thankful for Christians who have not fled the public square and continue to speak boldly about their beliefs there, with great humility and grace. May we never be afraid to speak truth with great grace and care. We need the Lord to give Christians wisdom here to balance their faith with their politics. Pray that our politics will always be informed by our faith with the guidance and vision of the Holy Spirit.” 

Healing for Our Friends
Please keep praying for complete healing for Brenda, Edie, Marion, Jill, and Jen as they continue their battle with cancer.  We believe the Lord will bring all of them through this and that they will experience victory!

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris
Keep praying for Chris Pratt and Anna Faris during their separation. Chris just gave an interview talking about how tough it is to have any privacy as a celebrity, but that he won’t complain, knowing his career is a gift.  We ask the Lord to protect their hearts and to give them both strength as He is healing their relationship and their struggle with celebrity.
Chris Pratt's Interview

Harvey Weinstein
Please pray for Hollywood’s most powerful producer, Harvey Weinstein, who was just removed from his position at The Weinstein Company for sexually molesting and harassing women for the past 30 years. Some women finally spoke out, leading to a scandal that caused Harvey’s Board of Directors to fire him from his own company.  Harvey needs to have a powerful encounter with his Messiah in order to find life-changing healing, hope and a renewed heart. And please pray for the many female victims of his actions.
Weinstein, Women, and Hollywood

Perversion, Privacy, and Prejudice
Hollywood deals with many of the same problems as the rest of humanity, but they often seem bigger and more visible because of the influence that Hollywood has on the rest of the world. Some of the serious issues in our industry are sexual harassment of women, the struggle for personal privacy, and the fight for gender and racial equality. Please pray for the 3 Ps: Perversion, Privacy and Prejudice! Know that as we pray for the people and the issues in Hollywood, our prayers are also impacting others across our nation as well.  As you pray, read George Clooney’s struggles in these areas.
George Clooney's Interview
The American Film Market 
Pray for the Lord to be visibly, tangibly, powerfully present at The American Film Market – Nov. 1st-8th in Santa Monica. Pray for all of the 7,000 industry leaders who attend the world’s largest motion picture business event for over eight days of deal-making, screenings, conferences, networking and parties. The participants come from more than 80 countries and include acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, festival directors, financiers, film commissioners, producers, writers, the world’s press and all those who provide services to the motion picture industry.  As you pray for these people, the Lord’s presence here can change the world’s entertainment and the hearts of the people creating and controlling it.
About AFM
Pray for Lady Gaga's Health
Pray for Lady Gaga after she had to cancel the last leg of her world tour due to her health issues with fibromyalgia. She has been in pain for years and now has to do something about it, if she wants to keep performing in the future.  May the Lord heal both Her body and her heart as He reveals Himself to her.  She has an incredible reputation for being professional, caring and kind toward others, so we ask the Lord to reveal to her His divine care, kindness and transforming power in her life.
Lady Gaga's Health
Pray for Fergie Duhamel
Pray for singer and songwriter Fergie Duhamel, of The Black Eyed Peas, who has been struggling with dark, demonic visions until the church helped her through it. She still struggles with other personal issues, so we ask that our God will not only give her peace, but that He shows Fergie how much He loves her and will protect her from the flaming darts of the enemy.
Fergie's Struggle and Redemption
Pray for Influence Lab
Pray for the Christian industry professionals involved in the ministry Influence Lab. It takes people from Hollywood to train filmmakers around the world. Would you pray that these Christian professionals can encourage great storytelling and filmmaking across the globe through international mentorships and training teams. And if you want to be a part of one of the teams, or if you want a team to come to you, email
Influence Lab's Website
Get Involved: Prayer Partners and Local Chapters
If you want to be a part of our One-To-One Prayer Partnerships, or to connect with or have your own HPN Local Chapter, just check out these pages on our site and then email Erin at erin@hpnemail.org. We’d love to have all of you get more involved in praying for the people across the globe who are shaping our culture! Click here to find out more about prayer partnerships, and click here to check out our local chapters.
Join YouVersion: HPN Prayer Devotional
Join the YouVersion App for the Hollywood Prayer Journal Devotional. Recently we posted a 7 day devotional on JOY! More great topics are already available to every HPN member and friend. Just go to YouVersion and type in either Hollywood Prayer Network or HPN!

HPN's Joy Devotional
We thank you for praying with us this month and we hope that you can see the difference that you’re making as you pray for the people, the projects and the issues in Hollywood. Have a great month and we’ll be back in November.

With love and deep appreciation,
Karen, Erin and Kim

Upcoming Events:
Greenhouse Productions
The Greenhouse is an entertainment ministry that “seeks to engage and enhance culture locally and globally through superior artwork and entertainment.” Click here to check out all of the Greenhouse Productions events. 
Oct. 26th: Hollywood Networking Breakfast
Come to the award-winning HOLLYWOOD NETWORKING BREAKFAST on Thursday, Oct. 26th at 8am at the Garland Hotel in Studio City. The guest speaker is CHARLES D. KING, a multi-platform producer, mogul & founder of Macro.
RESERVATIONS REQUIRED: There is a $5 discount off the price of $55 for first-time attendees from this list Breakfast included. This is their last Breakfast for 2017. Click here to RSVP.
Nov. 10th - 11th: Intercession Conference
Come to a Transformation Intercession Conference on Nov. 10th – 11th in the evening at the Bonnie Brae House in LA. It’s a time of prayer and fasting for our nation. Karen will be there praying for the Entertainment Industry. Click here for more information.  
Museum of the Bible Exhibits
The Museum of the Bible is opening in November in Washington DC, and they are exhibiting replicas of the Gutenberg Gates in three cities:
Oklahoma City, OK at Penn Square Mall, Oct. 27th - Oct. 29th
New York City, NY at Times Square, Nov. 3rd - Nov. 5th
Washington, DC at the National Mall, Nov. 10th - Nov. 12th
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Video Of The Month​ 
Our own Marion Wells, whom we’re praying for to beat cancer, offers her beautiful testimony about how she got to meet Jesus.
Watch it HERE!

Verse Of The Month
Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my
righteous right hand.
Isaiah 41:10
Quote Of The Month
“'O God,' I said, and that was all.  But what are the prayers of the whole universe more than expansions of that one cry?  It is not what God can give us, but God that we want.”
— George MacDonald
Tip Of The Month
Here's why you should become a film or TV studio executive.
Read Tip From Phil Cooke
Poem Of The Month
This month we feature "Love Lies Bleeding," a poem by HPN member Liz McFadzean.
Read the Poem Here
Book Of The Month
Beyond The Castle: A Guide to Discovering Your Happily Ever After
By former Disney Executive, Jody Dryer
Click HERE for more info.
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