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What is 'Blooming Creations?'
Are you running out of time or energy to plant your own containers? Did you ever buy too few plants for your containers, then have to come back for more? What about the mess? Try what many of our customers have been doing every year for over 20 years. Just tell us if your containers will be in the sun or shade, give us some guidelines for colors, and flowers that you love (or even hate) and we'll take care of getting them planted. Come to the Garden Center and have our designers in Blooming Creations plant your perfect pots...painlessly."
Jacqui shows off a newly planted window box that will continue to bloom through the summer.
Here's a note that landed in our in box in August last year:

We wanted to send a note to the people at Bartlett's Farm who put together five window boxes for us. I dropped off the empty boxes in late April and picked them up in early June. What a wonderful surprise to have them all filled and planted with a lovely variety of plant material that will bloom all summer long. Since I normally plant my own boxes and containers, this was a new venture for me. I am just so pleased with the result and felt that the price was very reasonable. As I gaze out my patio doors onto the garden, I catch sight of two of the boxes; they are so lovely. I think this service that the farm offers has spoiled me for good. Thank you all.

Linda and Tony Parrotto

An Inspired Meal
by Mj Mojer
After sampling the wares of our Farm Charcutier, Leah Mojer, all day yesterday, you would have thought that dinner would have been the last thing on my mind. She made Italian Sausage, Chicken Sausage, Pork Rillets and Chicken Liver Mousse (with a gorgeous, sumptuous, thin layer of duck fat on top to seal it, and a sprinkle of fennel pollen...just because.)
When I walked through the market at the end of the day, I could smell the sweet potato salad that had just gone into the case. I bought a package of the Colavita Penne, a couple of onions and two packages of the Farm Made Italian Sausages along with a pound of the sweet potato salad. (The wine I already had!) After first pouring a glass for myself, I put the sausages in a pan, covered them with cold water, and brought them to a boil. I also started a pot of salted water for the pasta. (Salting the water is really important. It's another chance to enhance the flavors, and really round out the ingredients.) While the sausages cooked, I rough chopped two large onions, and grated a good size chunk of Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese. After about ten minutes, I drained the sausages and sliced them, poured some Olive Oil into the same pan, and added the onions. I love caramelized onions, so I slowly but surely cooked them down until they were browned, sweet and soft. I added the sliced sausage to the onions, and continued to cook for a few more minutes. Then I tipped in the Sweet Potato Salad (which is made with a vinaigrette) and stirred to combine. Next went in a good cup (give or take) of the Pinot Grigio that I was enjoying. (Always cook with wine you drink!) And I let that reduce a bit. After the pasta cooked, I drained it (adding about a cup and a half of the cooking liquid to the Sausage and Sweet Potato Mix), tossed it with a bit of Olive Oil and dumped it into a large bowl. The sausage and sweet potatoes went right on top of it, along with a good handful of the grated cheese. I tossed to coat, and as I did, the seemingly watery liquid become velvety and savory, absorbed by the pasta and working to combine all of the flavors together. My family was thrilled with the inspiration!
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Stop and Smell the Roses!
As the Spring Farm Talk Series draws to a close, we are excited to have Liz Morcone speaking on one of her favorite subjects...Roses! We have plenty of new varieties this year, and Liz will share her knowledge and experience to help you have a more successful rose garden. 10AM in the Hayloft, Saturday May 22.

The following week we will have Heather Poire of Proven Winners speaking about the new varieties in that series. That's Memorial Day weekend, so you can get some gardening know-how before heading into your garden that weekend.

The Chef Series will pick up again in early June, with Amber Cantella, Joann Burnham and our own chefs sharing their skills and knowledge.
For a full farm talk and events schedule, click here.
May Garden Series
Get more from your vegetable Garden! John Bartlett will present a unique vegetable gardening workshop Wednesday May 26 at 2pm in the garden center. From site selection and garden layout to liming and fertilizing, John will share his extensive knowledge of growing vegetables. To register and pre-pay, please email
Cost is $50.00 and you will get to take home an assortment of farm-grown tomato plants for your garden.
Who's YOUR Farmer?
Plant Sale
All annual flowers in cell packs: buy three, got one free. Today through Monday May 24th. Regular price $3.50 per pack
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Look for Mj and her crew at the Farm's food table at the Wine Festival's Gala Thursday May 20th. Farm fresh flavors will be paired with Kristina Ashe Vineyards Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.
Photo Safari
PHOTO SAFARI: Professional and amateur photographers are all invited to participate in a spring-themed Photo Safari led by renowned professional photographer Claudia Kronenberg and publication designer Barbara Gookin. Go behind the scenes for a view of the farm you've never seen before, in early morning light with farmers working in the field. Those who shoot high resolution images may submit their photos for consideration in an upcoming Bartlett's Farm book. Meet outside the Market at Bartlett's Farm at 7am Friday, May 21st. Contact Barbara Gookin with questions. 508-325-6489

Try a Cheese Sampler!
Cheese Platter
We're good at making group efforts here. Leah Mojer has brought in some great new selections of cheese for you, and Mj had the idea of presenting a collection of them on a tasting platter. That way, you can try out a few cheeses and not have purchase a whole block of any particular variety. We've tossed on a few crostini, some grapes and a sampling of cranberry honey to round out the platter.
Take one home for $16.99.
What's Happening in the Tomato House?
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