December 20, 2017
This Sunday: Our Christmas Eve Schedule
Christmas is less than a week away! And through this Sunday morning, it's still the Advent season -- this meditative period of waiting and growing in excitement for the coming of Christ into our world.

For many of us, this will probably be a very busy week. And that's okay. In a reflection she shared with a group of college students earlier this month, Jane Ulring, a field education intern with The Vine, observed that in the season of Advent: "We act as we wait. Our waiting takes the form of seeking, creating, struggling, building, trying, fighting for and with God."

Read Jane's complete Advent devotion on our website, and take note below of our special worship times this Sunday (Christmas Eve), our Traveler's Christmas this Wednesday, and Christmas Day worship on Monday.

DON'T FORGET! We're changing our Sunday morning worship times this Sunday (and only this Sunday) because it is also Christmas Eve. Our morning worship times this Sunday, December 24 are:

Worship in English | 10am
Worship in Spanish | 12pm

And then in the evening our three Christmas Eve worship times are:

Christmas Eve Family Worship | 5pm
Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship | 8pm
Midnight Mass in Spanish | 10:30pm

Tonight: Travelers Christmas Worship
Are you traveling on Christmas Eve and Day? You can still celebrate Christmas with us at 7pm tonight! Come enjoy a Christmas worship service with your New York City faith community here at Advent at. This will look a lot like our 8pm candlelight worship on Christmas Eve, with carols, candles, and a Christmas message.
This Monday: Christmas Day Worship
Are you traveling on Christmas Eve and Day? You can still celebrate Christmas with us at 7pm this Wednesday, December 20! Come enjoy a Christmas worship service with your New York City faith community here at Advent at. This will look a lot like our 8pm candlelight worship on Christmas Eve, with carols, candles, and a Christmas message.
Clarity on the Margins
We're very happy that Pastor Danielle is starting to get her voice back! But while she was without a voice for over a week, she shared some valuable insights from the experience in an Advent season devotional video, which we shared in last week's e-letter and on Facebook.

Thanks to Advent members and friends who exuberantly shared this with others, this video was shared by 59 people and watched by over 5,000 people on Facebook. If you haven't yet, take 4 minutes to watch this video. Then share it with a friend who might also be longing for more clarity on what this coming Christmas is really all about.

Step into the perspective of the voiceless, and see clearly how Christ remains a radical and much-needed inbreaking of love and hope this Christmas.
Pastor Danielle's Advent Playlist
Countdown to Christmas through music full of expectation, hope, and waiting for the Christ child.

Over the years, as a spiritual practice, I’ve collected an Advent soundtrack to help me get ready and stay firmly rooted in the Advent season!  These are some of my favorites…what are yours? - Pastor Danielle
Check out Pastor Danielle's Advent Playlist
Gifts for the Christ Child
The message everywhere is that this holiday season is all about us.  But as Christians, we know this Advent/Christmas season is in fact all about God and God’s gift of love and mercy through Jesus.  And so, let's give gifts this year to the Christ Child.
ELCA Good Gifts are a creative, meaningful way to make a difference in the world and truly celebrate the birth of the newborn king.  Good Gifts lift up examples of work being done in different projects and programs supported by funds from the ELCA: the ELCA Fund for Leaders, ELCA Global Church Sponsorship, ELCA New Congregations, ELCA Vision for Mission, ELCA World Hunger and Lutheran Disaster Response. Each of these programs is a long-term, partnership-based ministry that focuses on the needs identified by local congregations and global companion churches and their communities.

Grab an ornament off our "Giving Tree" at the back of the sanctuary, make a donation and make a difference! Then give the ornament to a friend, teacher, co-worker, child, parent, relative, or anyone else on your life, and give them the gift of a better world.   

You can also browse and buy the complete catalog of Good Gifts online, and send a personalized card at
The Complete "Thanks-Giving" Video Series
Our Thanks-Giving video series has wrapped up. Thank you to Abby, Adolfo, Blessing, Rebecca, Sarah, Laura, and Lynne for sharing their stories and giving thanks!

We've assembled all 7 videos in a gallery on our website, and uploaded them all to a playlist on Facebook. We invite you to browse through these thankful videos again, and to share. Even as Thanksgiving is behind us, it is always a great time to spread the spirit of gratitude and the lift up the practice of thanks-giving.
Watch on Our Website
Watch and Share on Facebook
Troubling the Waters: Moving from Privilege to Partnership
Beginning January 23rd, Advent will launch a 6-month study for white Christians, exploring the role that white privilege and internalized white superiority has in shaping attitudes, belief systems, cultures and those of the church and society at large. This resource has been designed to equip people with tools that will aid them in addressing and breaking the cycle of socialization that perpetuates racism and sustains an exclusive church. If you are interested in participating, please speak with Pastor Danielle, who can be reached at
Young Adults in Global Mission
The ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) program invites young adults ages 21-29 into a year of service, faith formation and relationship building in 11 programs in 14 countries around the world. Young adults serve in the spirit of accompaniment, walking alongside global companions in a manner that practices mutuality, interdependence and solidarity. As they offer themselves in service, young adults are shaped by the witness of our global neighbors. Check out for more information and apply now! Applications are due Feb. 15 for service beginning in August.
Council Nominations
Could you or someone you know serve on our Congregational Council next year?

Do you feel called to share your vision, ideas, and love for this congregation? We'd love to support and engage you as a leader in this community. At our Annual Congregational Meeting in January we will be electing several new members to our Congregation Council.

To learn more, speak to a member of the Nominating Committee: Tanya Kent, who can be reached at, Adolfo Ramirez, Rose Tresgallo, Carlos Lopez or Damaris Maclean.
An Extra Week of Ministry at Advent
What if 2017 had just one more week? One week of ministry at Advent equates to approximately:

  • 150 people experiencing God's Word, music, preaching, and community in worship
  • 40 households in our community receiving a bag of groceries at Food Pantry
  • 45 people in our community enjoying a warm, homemade meal in a welcoming community
  • 1,000+ people reached through our website, e-letters, and social media
  • 200+ hours of work by pastors, staff, and 40+ lay ministry leaders toward managing our church space & congregation, serving and empowering this community, and bringing God's mission at Advent into reality

A year may not ever have 53 weeks. But giving just one extra week of your regular weekly offering in 2017 will strengthen what we can accomplish in 52 weeks.

If you are able this Advent season, please consider adding an extra week of ministry to your list of gifts during this time. Thank you for all the ways, big and small, you support our ministry and community here at Advent.
Give an Extra Week
Full Ministry Calendar
What ministry or group will you be involved in this month? There are even more ways to connect in fellowship and service!
View our full Ministry Calendar
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