June 2016 Newsletter
Dear HPN,

We wish you a very happy SUMMER, despite the current pain that our country is suffering with all the violence this past week! Our hearts and prayers go out to all the friends and family that have lost someone dear to them in the wake of these tragedies. In times like these it is good to remember "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit" (Psalm 34:18 NIV). So, would you pray for us and with us this month?

•  Connon Christofferson - New HPN Intern- YAY!!
•  HPN Local Chapter Directors Summit Responses
•  Pray for the Creatives Who Feel Alone
•  Pray for the Pitt-Jolie Family

HPN has a new wonderful summer intern – Connor Christofferson!  He is an incoming Senior at Azusa Pacific University in film production and he has a fabulous desire to blend his talents, goals, and his faith as he enters our industry. Let’s praise God for Connor and pray for the Lord to use him mightily in Hollywood and at HPN.

We’re continuing to get incredible feedback from our HPN Local Chapter Directors Summit in early May.  Many people are going back and spreading the truth of what God is doing in Hollywood to their friends, families, and churches.  It’s another sign that God is moving in Hollywood!  Read some responses from our attending Directors Here 
Pray for the Grimmie Family
Pray for the family of Christina Grimmie as they mourn the loss of their daughter, sister, and friend. The 22-year old singer, notably known for her appearance on NBC's The Voice, was tragically shot and killed during a meet and greet following her concert Friday, June 10th. Grimmie and her family are local to the Los Angeles area and have been members of a church family here for the past few years. Pray that their community will embrace them in this time of need, that her brother will not blame himself for the death of his sister, and that her family can start the healing process. We at HPN pray for the family, friends, and fans who are morning the loss of this talented young woman. 
Christina Singing "In Christ Alone"
Pray for Summer Blockbusters
Pray for the filmmakers, the distributors, and the audience watching all of this summer’s blockbuster films. May you ask the Lord to use the messages of the films to inspire everyone who made them and who is watching.  I just had a spiritual revelation while watching “X-Men: Apocalypse” when I saw that we can’t fight evil alone.  We will only beat the enemy if we help one another in community!  What biblical truths can you find in the movies coming out this summer?  Here is a list to pray through!
Pray for the Creatives Who Feel Alone
Pray for breakthrough in the continual spiritual struggle of Christians around the world who still believe Hollywood is “Sodom and Gomorrah.”  The enemy is perpetuating the lie that Hollywood is a terrible, evil place and that’s just not true.  Hollywood is “Ninevah” and it IS being redeemed.  The first known group of Christian industry professionals in Hollywood was formed in the early 1950’s by Henrietta Mears and friends out of Hollywood Presbyterian Church.  In 1955 they wrote a book about the group and their experiences entitled “The Inside Story of The Hollywood Christian Group,” by J Edwin Orr.  Ironically, the book reads as if it was written today – showing the disconnect between the committed believers in Hollywood and the church on the outside.  Here is a great quote showing the age-old battle for Christians in our industry:  “Forty years ago I heard a lecturer say, “Chicago is full of the devil and also of the glory of God.”  That’s Hollywood today.  Millions think the movie capital is a vest pocket edition of hell.  Certainly, if you want to look for rottenness you’ll find it.  But the glory of God is in Hollywood, too.”  William F. McDermott, in an article called” I Found God in Hollywood,” which appeared in Pageant magazine (Feb. 1952).
And the Winner Is...Tony Edition
Pray for all of the creative professionals nominated for a 2016 Tony Awards.  The Tony’s aired on Sunday, June 12th on CBS, and they celebrate the best plays on Broadway, and this year’s dramatic plays, comedies and musicals.  Broadway is full of storytellers, challenging their audiences from around the world with biblical truths, metaphors, allegories and even true stories.  The buzz for the musical “Hamilton,” the true life story of Alexander Hamilton, told in a hip hop/rap style, makes tickets to that show almost impossible to get and now with it's 11 WINS it will get even harder to get a ticket to this show.  It’s important to pray for the creative community on Broadway in NYC.  As you pray, here is a list of the winners and best performances from the 2016 Tony’s. 
List of Winners
Pray for the Pitt-Jolie Family
Pray for God’s love, peace and hope to envelope Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their six children – one of the most visible celebrity families in our country.  They both have had loving Christians in their lives who continue to walk with them and pray for them. We do not judge them, but pray, with the understanding that celebrity is more of a curse than a blessing.  It creates an unnatural lack of privacy that puts incredible pressure on the lives of “stars.”  Donna Summer’s grandmother once said to her, “Don’t take your stardom seriously because only God was meant to get the glory.”  
Pray for Professionals Working in Television
Pray for the integrity, hard work and excellence of professionals working in Television.  Television has burst into a huge business that produced over 140 new Pilots this season, for all the venues, from the major networks to cable, to inter-net. And the growth has caused ongoing changes in the budgets, the length of the shows, the number of episodes, and the salaries.  “There's no room for mediocrity,” says Patrick Moran, head of ABC Studios.  As you pray, read this insightful article entitled “The Business of Too Much TV." 
Read Article
 Pray for Celebrities Who Suffer From Anxiety and Depression
 Pray for the brave celebrities, such as Kristen Bell, who are open       
 to admitting their struggle with Anxiety and Depression. 
 Washington Post wrote a recent article based on an interview 
 between Bell and Sam Jones on her anxiety and depression. This 
 is an issue that plagues many of the hard working professionals 
 throughout the industry; partner with us as we pray that the stigma 
 of shame is removed from these disorders and that people seek 
 the help they need to heal.  
Listen to Interview Here
Thanks so much for praying with us and for us.  And thank you for spreading the word that God loves everyone in the global entertainment industry more than any of us know and He is active and moving in Hollywood!
With love and thanks,
Karen, Megan, Veronica and our new intern Connor 
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Tip of the Month
Society often shuns “original thinkers” but we need to embrace the creativity of man: Adam Parker talking about ORIGINAL THINKERS.
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Quote of the Month
“The Gospel is the true Myth… the great fairy story.  In the Gospel of Christ all the elements of truth in the pagan myths find their fulfillment.”  J.R.R. Tolkien  
Verse of the Month
“I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and supplications.”  
Daniel 9:3

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