February 2017 Newsletter

“They invented hugs to let people know you love them without saying anything.” 

 -Bil Keane

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!  We at HPN pray that you are receiving and giving away enormous amounts of LOVE this month, and that you get in the habit of it so that it continues next month and the month after…..  In light of that, in our crazy, divided, chaotic nation, be inspired by this three minute short film called “What A Wonderful World” Our gift to you on Valentines Day: Click HERE! 

Now let’s pray for the local and global entertainment industry and every professional in it – whether they are on the creative story telling side, or the business side, and whatever they believe personally, they need our prayers and for us to share the love of Jesus in this tangible way, especially on this Valentines Day!


•  HPN is going to PRAY and FAST this year, the week before Easter

•  Please keep praying for Laurie Singer, the injured stuntwoman

•  Keep praying for producer Brenda Salmon and pastor Erwin McManus

•  Remember to get the App for our HPN Weekly Prayer Journal

•  Pray for the family and friends of actor Miquel Ferrer who passed away

•  HPN and Act One ministries are hosting our annual Oscar Prayer Walk

•  The 89th Annual Academy Awards are airing on Sunday, Feb. 26th

•  Mastermedia has “7 Powerful Prayers for Hollywood’s Big Awards Night”

•  Pray for Lady Gaga and her faith in God

•  Pray for the TV network decision makers who are treading new ground

•  Pray for depression, eating disorders and other emotional struggles

•  Pray for Film Critics: some of the most powerful people in Hollywood

•  Pray for Hollywood industry professionals who don’t understand Christians

•  Pray for the US relations with China and our film import deal

•  Pray for committed Catholic Believer Stephen Colbert


 Thank God for WindRider
We thank God for the amazing group called The WindRider Forum.  Every January, professors from Biola, Fuller, Pepperdine and other Christian colleges bring some of their film students to the Sundance Film Festival and they host discussions with the Festival’s filmmakers about their films.  This group has a tremendous impact on the culture of the Sundance film festival and stir the hearts of the independent filmmakers by their love for and questions about their movies.  They just came back from the 2017 Sundance Film Festival so praise God for them and read this article on what happened there.
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Praise God for Chance The Rapper's Grammy Performance
This past Sunday night was the 59th Annual Grammy Awards and the evening was full of America's top music and performers.  There was an unusual sense of love and support for one another, especially as Adele thanked Beyoncé for her album "Lemonade" in her own thank you speech for her Grammy for "25."  Another PRAISE was Chance The Rapper's worshipful Grammy performance! He also gave thanks to God multiple times when he got an award as he overflowed with appreciation. It's encouraging to see the influence he has in young people and the music industry!  
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HPN Prayer and Fast, April 10th-16th
Here at HPN we have decided to PRAY and FAST this year! So, would you prayerfully consider fasting and praying with us the week before Easter, April 10 – 16, 2017, ending on Easter day, April 16th.  We want to pray for the people, the projects and the influence of the global entertainment industry on our lives and our cultures. I believe our FASTING and PRAYER can make an eternal difference both in the world and in our own hearts! 

Keep Praying For Stunt Woman Laurie Singer
Please keep praying for Laurie Singer, the amazing stuntwoman who has spinal cord injuries due to a stunt she performed on a feature film.  Laurie is so grateful for our prayers, which she says gets her through each day. And through these many months of struggle she is thankful that she gets to spend uninterrupted time with the Lord.  She is clinging to Him more than ever and feels it’s a gift!  May we all have that perspective in our own lives as we pray for her healing!  She says what she misses most is loving to people on the set!

Keep Praying For Brenda Salmon and Erwin McManus
Continue to Pray for producer Brenda Salmon and Hollywood pastor Erwin McManus, who are both battling cancer. We’re asking the Lord to stop the cancer from spreading and to let both Erwin and Brenda feel His presence as He’s healing them.  The Fervent Prayer of a Righteous Man Avails Much. James 5:16. 

HPN Weekly Prayer Journal on YouVersion
Remember to get the App for our HPN Weekly Prayer Journal on the YouVersion App.  Download it on your iPhone, iPad or computer and you can get a Daily Devotional, one week at a time – to focus on your own spiritual growth and ideas on how to be praying for Hollywood!  We’d love you to join us for a few minutes each day on YouVersion!  Just open the App, click on PLANS and type in HPN Prayer Journal!

Miguel Ferrer, 61, Died 
Pray for the family and friends of actor Miquel Ferrer who passed away from throat cancer on Jan. 19th at the age of 61.  Miguel was the son of Rosemary Clooney and Jose´ Ferrer and was best known for his 7 years on NCSI: Los Angeles. We want his family to know that God is lifting them up in His loving arms right now and this article just touches on how many people were impacted by his death
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Annual Oscar Prayer Walk
HPN and Act One ministries are hosting our annual Oscar Prayer Walk on Thursday, Feb. 23rd.  We walk around the Dolby Theatre as they are setting up the red carpet, press areas, golden statues, bleachers, etc. and pray for everyone involved in our industry’s biggest event.  We pray for everyone who works there, for the Christians to be shining lights and for the nominees to experience peace and joy, regardless of whether they win or lose.  Would you join us in praying that evening, wherever you may be around the world!  And don't stop praying on Sun. during the televised awards ceremony. It’s so important to pray for these artists who are impacting our lives and our culture!  
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Sunday, February 26th - 89th Annual Academy Awards
The 89th Annual Academy Awards are airing on Sunday, Feb. 26th and this year’s awards ceremony will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.  Let’s pray for Jimmy as he hosts this event and ask the Lord to touch his heart in a very personal way – maybe even during the show!  Why not! 
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7 Powerful Prayers for Hollywoods's Big Awards Night
Mastermedia Intl. has put together “7 Powerful Prayers for Hollywood’s Big Awards Night” and we want to offer those to you. For a guide on how you, your family, and even your church can pray, click on the link below:
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Pray for Lady Gaga and Her Faith in God
If you watched the Super Bowl you saw the Half Time show by Lady Gaga.  We ask that you pray for Lady Gaga, who is known by fellow artists as not only a fabulous musician but also a great person. She has been open about her Catholic faith in the past. In 2010, she said to Larry King, “I am very religious. I was raised Catholic. I believe in Jesus. I believe in God.”  
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Pray For The TV Network Decision Makers Who Are Treading New Ground
Pray for the TV network decision makers who are treading new ground as they create pilots for shows that they hope will reach the Americans in the Red states.  ABC has a drama pilot The Gospel of Kevin, which follows a down-on-his-luck guy who is tasked by God with a mission to save the world, and NBC has a drama pilot For God and Country, which explores personal sacrifices of the members of the military. CBS just picked up the pilot for Living Biblically based on the book by A.J. Jacobs about a modern-day man who, at a crossroads in his life, decides to live life according to the Bible.
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Pray For Film Critics

Film Critics are some of the most powerful people in Hollywood.  They can draw thousands of people into a film or keep them away just by what they write and print in our newspapers.  This month let’s pray for two of LA Times Film best known Film Critics, Justin Chang, an outspoken Christian, and Kenneth Turan, an observing Jew.  Will you ask the Lord to guide their words and their world views as they influence our city and our culture with their reviews.

Pray For Industry Professionals Who Don't Understand Christians

Let’s pray for Hollywood industry professionals who don’t know how to respond to Christian messages in films that are “spiritually discerned.” LA Times Film Critic, Justin Chang, writes about Hacksaw Ridge and Silence and how the industry Oscar voters respond to these films, both directed by Christians. 

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Pray for US Relations With China and Our Film Import Deal

Pray for US relations with China dealing with the American films they will allow in their country and the revenue they allow the US to receive as negotiations have begun for better trade terms on importing our films.  Previously China had allowed just 20 imported films each year, then in 2012 it went up to 34 films. Talks show that their quota increase annually to possibly 50 – even 70 films coming into China from the US.  Pray for fair trades and peace in the negotiations between all involved.

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Pray For Committed Catholic Believer Stephen Colbert

Pray for committed Catholic believer Stephen Colbert.  We are excited to continue to find more people of faith in Hollywood and Stephen Colbert is very open about his faith in God.  Pray for him to fall more in love with Jesus every day and to have a continued influence on all of the people in his life who love and respect him.  As you pray, read this article, including 7 videos of Stephen discussing his faith.

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We thank you for your prayers this month, we send our LOVE to you and pray that you are having a wonderful Valentines Day and month!

With love,

Karen, Megan, Veronica and Kim

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The powerful documentary "13th" by the director of Selma, Ava DuVernay, looks at the mass incarceration crisis in America. Watch the trailer HERE! 

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Who Are You When You're Alone.
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Quote of the Month
“They invented hugs to let people know you love them without saying anything.”  
-Bil Keane
Verse of the Month
I Corinthians 13 – Read the full chapter HERE and ask the Lord to reveal to you His divine perspective on LOVE!
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