Farmily Staff and Alumni Newsletter
December, January & February 2015
It's been a while since the last newsletter and for that, I apologize.  We've had a busy few months with the budgeting, our winter break, storms and preparing for the upcoming season.   We survived the storm with minimal damage considering the impact of the storm.  Last year's "Blizzicane" caused more damage than Juno, The Storm of The Century (for this year at least!).   But Nantucketers are hearty folk and while the whole island lost power, was cut off from the mainland with no boats or planes, limited cell service and made national news because of it, we fared pretty well, overall.   There was some damage to the IBG and Nexus Greenhouses, and lots of digging out to do as the road was impassable for a couple of days.  Thanks to everyone involved in the repairs and cleanup and to John for making us stay home and safe, if cold!  
We are starting to recruit for the upcoming season so if you are planning to return this summer and have not already let us know, please do so and/or refer your friends!  We get our best people from our best people! 
Even's Cajuste was our first Agricultural Intern to return to the farm and he arrived on Sunday after spending only December and January at home in Haiti.  

He arrived with the happy news that he had married his girlfriend of 4 years, Rose Ermine, on January 10th.  

Congratulations and Best Wishes on a very happy life together, even if you must be apart during the upcoming year!  

Jean "Salomon" returned to us this this month and our first new intern, Daniel Dias de Lima, from Brazil, who will work in both the Greenhouses and Field.   February and March will bring more interns from Brazil, Haiti, Vietnam, Italy, Poland, ​Chile and Columbia and Jamaica. 
As many of you know, we get most of our agricultural trainees from Communicating for Agriculture Education Programs (CAEP), and this year they asked if they could feature us in their Host Spotlight on their social media.  They put together this great video using photos and audio from an interview they did with Andrew Spollett and Laura Steele.  It's a great showcase for the farm and you'll see a lot of familiar faces!  Watch it here.
Tiny House Living gaining attention
David and Rachel Shepard were recently interviewed on NPR about their Tiny House and coming up with a creative solution to the housing challenges on Nantucket. 

December Birthdays

Devon Francis ~ Dec 1
Sherri Marean ~ Dec 2
Kat Robinson ~ Dec 10
January Birthdays

Cassius Walcott ~ Jan 1
Danny Sheehy ~ Jan 22
Hilary Newell ~ Jan 25
Kayla Spano ~ Jan 28
February Birthdays

David Shepard ~ Feb 8
Daniel Bartlett ~ Feb 15
David Bartlett ~ Feb 15
Nick Delacruz ~ Feb 28
We are shocked and saddened to share the news that our friend and 2013 Farmily member, Matheus Cavassini, passed away recently due complications from meningitis. Please read below for the wonderful tribute fellow shared by his good friend and fellow intern, Maggie Sheehan.
I met Matheus Cavassini while interning together at Bartlett’s Farm in 2013. It was easy to become fast friends with him. Anyone who met him even once would likely find his smile and infectious laugh rather hard to forget. He was from Espirito Santo do Pinhal, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and earned a degree in Biology in Brazil. He was interning in the U.S. for the second time, the first being at Rockwell Farms in North Carolina, where he had gained many friends and a love for country music. After interning at Bartlett’s, he returned to Brazil and began working at a flower greenhouse.

Matheus was a loving son, brother, and friend. A few days ago, meningitis claimed his life. While trying to wrap my mind around this tragic loss, I am flooded with memories of him- watching the sunset on the beach, laying on that same beach soaking up the sun on a day off of work, listening to music, walking across his slackline, riding a bike with no hands, dancing, taking photographs, and laughing, always laughing. So many memories, and I only knew a glimpse of his life. When a life ends, it is an unspoken rule that we must think of only fond things to say and happy memories to share about that person. This is a rule that sometimes bothers me, but in the case of Matheus, there is no embellishment or exaggeration required to follow this rule. On the contrary, the biggest obstacle to overcome when remembering Matheus is that the words to describe what a light he was to this world and the sadness felt at his loss cannot be expressed properly in English, Portuguese, or any other language.

I consider myself exceptionally lucky to have met Matheus, and I know that the memory of the Brazillian boy with the larger-than-life smile will live on through all that shared the good fortune of knowing him. Saudades, Matheus. ~ Maggie Sheehan. 
We were sorry to say goodbye to Maya Chase, our Garden Center Assistant Manager, but so excited for her new adventure moving back to Washington state with her husband, Jordany Foyo, who she met here at the Farm.  

An update from Maya:
So we arrived in Olympia Washington 1/22/2015 to 66 degree weather! We worked outside all week in t-shirts. Today is a wonderfully rainy Washington day but luckily out here you don't wait for the rain! We are living as a tiny community on my mom and stepdad's land which we share with 2 full-time dogs (Taj and Shimmo) and 2 part-time dogs that belong to friends but are here a lot. We share the space with about 20 chickens that are busy fertilizing the giant garden that we will get ready soon. My stepdad has portioned off a big section of the 5 acres for us to cultivate and start a small farm. For now, we will focus on getting that land fertile for planting and as time goes, we may expand our small farm to other areas of the field. Our longer term goal is to become a small, organic commercial farm!! John Bartlett gave us great advise to "not take on too much, too soon"....and we know that it will take a while to get every thing right, but for now, we are having a great time exploring Washington, playing in downtown Olympia, and doing lots of work here on the homestead in anticipation of planting a massive vegetable garden, laying out perennial beds and landscaping parts of the yard, harvesting fruit from the trees and shrubs already established and cultivating new land for garden/farm expansion. We are having many adventures. Everything is new for Jordany and everything feels new to me! We are hoping to go up to Seattle soon and play in downtown and at Pike's Place Market, go up to the mountains (on clear days, Mt. Rainier stands so high above the horizon it looks like it is 5 minutes away! So gorgeous!), visit and hike through the Olympic National Rainforest, and come warmer weather - we look forward to collecting berries, mushrooms, clams and get to serious exploration of what this beautiful state has to offer!! We are so happy here and excited to be able to start our lives.