We have just two more regular Sundays here at Advent, and then . . . Rally Day on Sunday, September 18! We hope you are planning on joining us! From 10-11am we're going to have a BIG celebration featuring a plethora of games, activities, and opportunities for children, youth, and adults. All activities will explore our theme, abundance. We invite you and your family to join us in worship at 9am or 11am and at the party from 10-11am on September 18 to kick-off a new school year of community and ministry here at Advent!

This e-letter marks our fifth week in a series of weekly at-home family activities about "abundance" to prepare us all for Rally Day. If you didn't catch our last four e-letters, join in! Our next "Abundance Activity" is especially for teens, but certainly doable for parents, maybe even older kids. Here is the challenge for each person in your family:

Count all the people who have mentored you, supported you, inspired you, and made you who you are today.

Here are some optional follow-up questions to talk about as a family: How are the people in your life a form of abundance? How might showing gratitude for and giving back to those relationships create more abundance?


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