"Most systems are not going to work badly all of the time.

All I proved is that all can work badly at times."

Kenneth Arrow. Arrow's Impossibility Theorem.


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The Shell Game-Rank Choice Voting

The interesting turn in the 2018 midterm elections wasn't Democrat control of our House of Representatives, but rather how many of them came to be by a narrow margin and a lack of voter participation.  The recent recall and re-win of indicted Fall River Mayor Corriea underscores this.  Then again Massachusetts has a history of indicted, on trial and imprisoned Governors, Mayors and other representatives serving time while serving in government.

In the election of Cortez only 27,744 out of 214,750 registered Democrats showed up on election day.  In Fall River roughly 13,000 showed up to vote for five candidates.  Advocates of Rank Choice Voting (RCV) claim this will be avoided with RCV in elections.  Well, that's all well and good if people actually showed up to vote.

The problem isn't the system or a 'plurality' of parties.  The problem is people DO NOT participate!  RCV does not address this 800 lb gorilla in the room.  The Cortez and Corriea election victories  do not represent the majority of all voters.  It just represents who bothered to show up.  How does RCV solve this issue?  It doesn't.  In fact, under RCV the other candidates could rank up their votes until  a second place loser overtakes the original winner.  In the case of Corriea the eventual winner would have won by even lesser numbers than the Mayor himself.  The entire thing is a shell game.

Under Arrow's Theorem you pick your choices from best to worse.  You 'manufacture' the winner by taking second and third choices and running them up the scale. Essentially, you choose the steak.  But you would be happy with the pork if steak loses out.  In the final round you settle for the chicken in case you get niether steak or pork.  According to a Stanford U. paper published;
"Nothing is necessarily wrong with that; the decision process can be perfectly democratic, and one person simply turns out to be on the winning side on all issues. "
(Hylland 1986: 51, footnote 10) 
Aanund Hylland 
Then there is Occam's second Razor.  In order to claim something as fact it must be proven.  Any and all questions, deviations, secondary statements to such must also be proven.  Rank Choice Voting does not 'prove' this.  It simply says so.

RCV isn't a better system; It is just another system. 

What is a proven fact is in elections you are choosing a winner over a loser.  A vote for candidate A is a vote against candidate B.  This is how elections work! The concept of 'spoiler' candidates is a construct.  What the hell does that mean?  Is RCV insinuating others SHOULD NOT run for office?  How can RCV claim to open the process to better candidates, more parties, more openness while using such language?

Speaking about language; On  RCV sites you will constantly see the word 'Democracy'.  Politicians who want to adopt this shell game will read from the script.  While local elections are based on a majority vote our Federal  Government is a Constitutional Republic.

If RCV cannot get our most basic form of government straight then how can we believe them to institute and ensure a more fair and equitable voting system?

And That Is The Diatribe....

Christopher Maider
Dean of Journalism
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Turtleboy Sports
Don't Poke the Turtle
Join the Revolution!
Dante Comparetto Accused Turtleboy Of Organizing KKK Revival In Worcester At Thursday’s School Committee Meeting, Mayor Petty Screamed At Him And Told Him To Shutup
by Uncle Turtleboy

School Committee member Dante Comparetto is none too pleased that we called him out for sending out an email in which he accused Worcester teachers (whose union endorsed him and donated to his campaign) of having “crazy amounts of racism” in their schools. We got the story after Pat Sargent from This Week in Worcester published the emails, so naturally Dante accused him of being “white supremacy in action.”

Oh, and they’re accusing Pat and Turtleboy of working together to post the email this elected leader who is in charge of school policy, sent out to tons of people.

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Da Tech Guy Blog

"Donald trump on DaTechGuy's reporting "…It's nonsense nobody reports that, but you do that's why I like you"
#muellermaddness Smolett and The Rules for Leftists
By Pete Ingemi 

With yesterday’s news that Chicago State Attorney Kim Foxx’s decided to drop all charges against Jussie Smolett we conservatives are forced to make the following conclusions concerning justice in America.

You can launch a smear against a conservative public figure made up out of the whole cloth and support said smear in the media for two years and when despite all efforts to the contrary said smear is exposed as false, you will not pay a legal price for it.

You can create a hate crime hoax and tar all conservatives for said crime, get the support of the media and the Hollywood community and use up hundreds if not thousands of man hours of police time to investigate said hoax, and when said hoax is exposed, you will not only not face any consequences for said actions but will be able to claim to be the victim.
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Granite Grok
Dominating the
Political Bandwidth in
New Hampshire
Bill O’Brien’s Guest Essay at Constituting America.org- “New Hampshire has a glorious history of national firsts”
by Steve MacDonald

Bill O’Brien, yes that Bill O’Brien, has an excellent piece over at Constituting America.org. Where their mission is “to utilize the culture and multi-media outreach such as television, music, film, internet, and social media to reach, educate and inform America’s adults and students about the importance of the U.S. Constitution and the foundation it sets forth regarding our freedoms and rights.”

Bill’s essay, titled, “New Hampshire has a glorious history of national firsts,” explores thinks I typically expect to hear from Dan Itse. He explores New Hampshire’s rich history as a leader first in rebellion against the crown.
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Previously a lifelong Democrat,
born in New York and living in
New England, surrounded by liberals on all sides, I've found myself slowly but surely leaving
the fold and becoming that dread thing: a neocon.
“There is no Pravda in Izvestiya”:
The Left probably thought that controlling the media was a victory
by Neo

The left has been in near-total control of the MSM for quite some time now. No doubt they thought that was a victory, and it certainly has given them some victories that I don’t think would have otherwise occurred if there had been an equal number of voices on the right in the MSM.

But the media can get control of the entire shebang, and if it isn’t competent at its propaganda—if it doesn’t pick and choose but is too flagrant in its willingness to lie for the good of the Party, if its lies are too easy to see as lies—then the entire enterprise can actually sabotage the Cause and result in the public’s distrusting it.

And then the public’s perception of the media can turn into something resembling the general perception of Pravda, widely considered by the Soviet public during the days of the USSR as being a ludicrous and mendacious government mouthpiece:

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