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Issue 1 Volume 2 October 2008
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Teaching the Proper Strike
Why do You Coach?
Ten Things Not to Do
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Hello again from CoachDeck!
Inside this issue of On Deck, Coach Chris Lemay offers some great techniques you can use to teach the proper strike of the ball. Dr. Darrell Burnett explains the 10 things sports-playing kids don't want you to do, and Brian Gotta gives advice on the best way to help players reach their goals.

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Chris Lemay Teaching the Proper Strike  
By Coach Chris Lemay

Like a sweet golf stoke or baseball swing, striking a soccer ball takes a lot of repetition. The problem is that if kids are not taught proper technique for kicking the ball they will most likely be developing bad habits. The more often a player hits the ball incorrectly, the harder the mold will be to break. Read Article
KickSpeed Radar
Improve with True Radar Technology
Here is a great coaching tool or backyard training aid. A unique new device developed to assist teaching soccer kick accuracy and power! The KickSpeed Radar uses proven Doppler radar technology. Best of all, it is affordable for anyone! Learn More
 Brian GottaWhy Do You Coach? 
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

You may find it interesting to examine the origins of the word, "Coach". The word originates in England, from "coach" as in "carriage"; a vehicle that transports one from where they are now, to where they want to be. University students in 19th century England likened their instructors to carriages, "guiding" the students through their classes and exams. Read Article
CoachDeck Basketball
 New! CoachDeck for Basketball!
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Darrell Burnett Ten Things Kids Say They Don't Want You To Do
By Dr. Darrell Burnett, Certified Sports Psychologist

Most parents of young athletes have their hearts in the right place, but watching our children compete can be one of the most emotional experiences we go through as parents. Look at this article and see if you've ever made the top (or bottom) ten list. Read Article