January 29, 2018
Tell Rep. Golden and Your Rep,
"Just Say No To Eversource"

Your Monday Action today is to ask Representative Thomas Golden, and your own State Rep, to make fair solar policies for our children's sake and not allow Eversource's new charge on customers who provide solar energy.

Parents know how to say NO when children need limits. Since the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) couldn't say NO to Eversource, our legislators must.
Rep Golden co-chairs the Joint Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy (TUE) Committee that just called for a hearing on Tuesday this week to consider the decision by Governor Baker's DPU to allow 'demand charges' on new solar customers.

Contact Representative Thomas Golden: Thomas.Golden@mahouse.gov or call (617) 722-2263
and your state Rep (find your representative here)
or call (617)-722-2000

Dear Representative Golden [YOUR REP],
I am urgently concerned about climate change. The children I love depend on me to leave them a livable world. We need more renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuels, not make it harder to afford solar.

Please reverse the DPU decision to allow a 'demand charge' on Eversource solar customers. This charge will increase electricity bills for future solar customers of the Commonwealth’s largest utility. This development is a major setback for consumer choice in Massachusetts and is particularly out of step with our state's clean energy and climate leadership.

The DPU should never have approved these fees on solar. You must step in to prohibit demand charges and ensure our solar policies are fair.
Please do all you can to secure Massachusetts' clean energy resources for our children's future.
With Mothers Out Front
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Mothers Out Front has a new action you can take every Monday.
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Live Streaming Now Available:
Conference on Natural Gas Infrastructure
and Public Health This Tuesday!
NGI and Public Health Conference - Boston University 1-30-2018

Please ask your local Board of Health members to view the webcast of this event. It will be streaming live and will also be available for viewing anytime a day or so after the event at this same link.

Please talk to your local Board of Health members!
about signing on to a letter to Governor Baker about the hazards of fossil fuel infrastructure, and contact Michelle Brooks about any efforts and progress made (or for any questions!)

Speak Out Against the New 2019-2024 OffShore Drilling Plan!
Northeast Meetings Rescheduled

This program, planned to run from 2019–2024, would open up over 90% of the OSC to exploration and exploitation. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has scheduled a series of Open House style public meetings to allow for public comment on the 2019-2024 National OCS Oil and Gas Leasing Program.

There are two ways to chime in: by submitting comments (deadline March 9) and by attending BOEM’s Open House Meetings.

February 13 — Hartford, CT
February 15 — Albany, NY
February 27 — Boston, MA
February 28 — Providence, RI
March 5 — Concord, NH
March 7 — Augusta, ME

Also, for those who want to go to the Capitol, the DC hearing is February 22.

Mass Power Forward Invites You to
Valentine's Day Action at the State House
I Love Clean Energy: Mass Power Forward
Valentine's Lobby Day

Join us for Mass Power Forward's Valentine's Lobby Day! On February 14th, hundreds of members of the Mass Power Forward coalition will descend on Beacon Hill to demand that our legislators do everything they can to promote a clean energy future.
» Please RSVP to help the planners
10 AM - 3 PM

Massachusetts State House
24 Beacon St, Boston, MA

» Facebook Event
No Fracked Gas in Mass and Berkshire Environmental Action Team are just two of over 160 member organizations of Mass Power Forward

Please Help Protect Indigenous
Ceremonial Stone Landscapes

As many of you are aware, over 20 Ceremonial Stone Landscapes were desecrated during the construction of Kinder Morgan's CT Expansion Pipeline. This was because of FERC's failure to act in a timely manner regarding the Historic Preservation Act.

The Narragansett Indian Tribe Historic Preservation Office hopes to file a lawsuit to stop this from happening again and hold FERC accountable for all future projects. This suit could also force other federal agencies to take preservation of these sacred sites into account when approving new projects.

Concerned community members have already raised over $36,000 of the $55,000 they need to file in court. Now we need to raise just shy of $20,000 to be able to proceed by March 9th.
» Please Donate Today!

And watch for Deputy Historic Preservation Officer Doug Harris' inspiring presentation on Ceremonial Stone Landscapes "Let the Landscape Speak for Itself" coming up at the Berkshire Earth Expo Environmental Action Fair in Dalton, MA on April 21!

#Fossil Free Fast — 350.org Watch Parties
Wednesday, Jan 31, 2018

Hear Bernie Sanders, Bill McKibben & others about 350.org’s next steps to address the climate crisis via live streaming. Join with others working locally, statewide and nationwide to build local power and take climate action.

Western Massachusetts Locations
7:30 PM, Deerfield Town Hall, Conway Street, South Deerfield

• GREENFIELD: 7:00 PM, Greenfield Community College Campus, Room 110, East Building, Greenfield, MA
• NORTHAMPTON: 7:30 PM, Unitarian Church Northampton/Florence, 220 Main St.

• PITTSFIELD: 7:15 PM, Unitarian Universalist Church, 175 Wendell Ave

• WORCESTER: 7:30 PM, Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester, 90 Holden St.

*Many more inside the Boston beltway and nearby.
Check the map!

Also nearby
7:45 PM, North Chatham Library, 4287 State Route 203

HARTFORD, CT: 7:30 PM, Unitarian Society of Hartford, 50 Bloomfield Ave.
BRATTLEBORO, VT: 7:30 PM, Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, 10 Vernon Street
BENNINGTON, VT: 6:00 PM, Second Congregation, 115 Hillside

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