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November 7, 2019
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Water Situation Continues to Improve in 2019 

Water Year 2019 officially ended October 1st. Below are a few highlights about how the water year shaped up. Keep an eye out for a full analysis in Rob's blog and our Winter Newsletter later this year.

- Record-setting precipitation in February moved SWE from 78% of average at the beginning of the month to 120% by March 1.
- Mean April-June temperature was 2 degrees F below average. Cool spring preserved a solid snowpack into July and moved runoff that would have occurred in May into late June and early July.
-  After a dry summer, heavy precipitation in September moved water-year total precipitation from 106% of average to 114% of average in three weeks.
- Despite well above-average snowpack and precipitation, natural flow ended up at only 98% of the 1978-2018 average (97% of average in upper Henry’s), ranking 21st out of the past 42 water years. 
- Water supply in the upper Henry’s Fork improved for the third year in a row and was above the 1930-2019 average for the first time since 2012.
- Island Park Reservoir ended the water year at 99,188 ac-ft (73.4% full), compared with 98,509 ac-ft (72.99% full) last year and 59,489 ac-ft (43.3% full) on average over the whole life of the reservoir (1939-2019). 
- Sep-30 reservoir content over the past three years was 109,489 ac-ft, 98,509 ac-ft, and 99,188 ac-ft, respectively. This is the highest three-year sequence of reservoir carryover since 1997-1999. We (HFF, FMID, USBR) did this with water years that were 111%, 104% and 98% of average in 2017-2019, versus water years that were 153%, 130%, and 124% of average in 1997-1999. 
- We anticipate winter flow this year in the range of 500-550 cfs, which will be the highest three-year sequence since 1998-2000, corresponding to the high carryover in 1997-1999.

This all has substantial consequences for fishing experience, upper Henry's Fork fishery, and trout recruitment in the Caldera reach. Fishing in the upper Henry's Fork and trout recruitment below Island Park Dam could be better in 2020 and 2021 than at any time since the late 1990s.

To receive Rob's daily water report, email rob@henrysfork.org.

What You Might Have Missed - Special Highlight

Photos from the Past on HFF's Social Media in Honor of 35th Anniversary​​​​​​​
Follow the Henry's Fork Foundation on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram through the end of the year to enjoy photos from the past!  In honor of HFF's 35th Anniversary, we've searched the archives for some of our favorite photos (or slides) and have converted them so we can share them with you! We are so grateful for these past 35 years and the lessons we've learned along the way. Thank you for making our work to protect and conserve this special place possible each and every day. It's all thanks to you.

Here's an example of one of the posts you might see on HFF social media:

Dated July 14, 1971. Island Park Dam from above. Notice any differences between 1971 and today? Can you spot Bill's Island or Lakeside Lodge in this photo?
#islandpark #idaho #henrysfork #henrysforkfoundation #35thAnniversary

We'd love to share your Henry's Fork photos! Email your "historic" (or present day!) Henry's Fork photos to jamie@henrysfork.org to let us know that we can share them in future HFF communications. Don't forget to tell us who we should credit the photo to.

Innovation, Thanks to You​​​​​​​

Grassy Lake Reservoir, July 20, 1982.  

If you receive Rob's daily water reports you've heard mention of Grassy Lake Reservoir. Quite a bit smaller than Island Park Reservoir at about 15,000 acre-feet (about 10% of Island Park's capacity), Grassy Lake was built between 1937 and 1939 to provide water to irrigate farmland in the Snake River Plain (like Island Park Reservoir). HFF continues to work with irrigators on precision management so that both these storage reservoirs continue to send much needed water down the river for irrigation while benefiting fisheries at crucial times of year. 

This work on precision management is part of HFF's larger effort to innovate with new programs to address modern challenges. As water availability changes and some years are drier than others, we must be ready with programs that can adapt and support this river and its fisheries through the good water years and the "not so good".

Email Rob to receive his daily water reports or to support HFF programs, email brady@henrysfork.org or visit our website.
South Fork Initiative Assists IDFG with Electrofishing Survey on the South Fork
Photo credit: Idaho Department of Fish and Game

South Fork Initiative Program Manager, Bryce helped the staff at Idaho Fish and Game Upper Snake with a first round of electrofishing surveys at Lorenzo this month. A big thank you to the folks at IDFG for conducting these trout abundance surveys each year. The surveys provide crucial data on population and age structure for South Fork trout.

Remaining survey locations include: Conant stretch Oct 8, 10, 15, and 17.

To learn more about the South Fork Initiative, visit our website or email bryce@henrysfork.org.
First Annual South Fork Macroinvertebrate Data is In!​​​​​​​
HFF's South Fork Initiative began long-term monitoring of aquatic insects this year. Here are a few highlights of what we've learned so far:

- Abundance of macroinvertebrates averaged roughly 134,000 individuals per square meter across all sites.

- Mayflies, stoneflies, and caddisflies composed roughly 10-35% of all individuals within South Fork samples.

- Aquatic habitat quality in the Upper SF and Canyon SF was “good” to “fair”, while aquatic habitat quality in the Lower SF was “fairly poor”, based on a standard index.

- Relative to the Henry’s Fork in 2019, the South Fork had more macroinvertebrates per square meter, lower diversity of macroinvertebrates, similar abundances of mayflies, stoneflies, and caddisflies, and poorer aquatic habitat quality.

Read the full report by SFI Program Manager, Bryce here.
Henry’s Fork Foundation Legal Externship​​​​​​​

This past year, HFF and the University of Idaho College of Law partnered to create a new “Semester in Practice,” which will make its debut Spring 2020.  The College of Law’s Semester in Practice program partners law students with experienced lawyers and judges, to bridge the gap between theory and the real-world practice of law. This semester-in-practice experience will allow students to observe and immerse themselves in the day-to-day workings of HFF, interacting with staff and volunteers at the HFF campus, and researching and investigating laws affecting river conservation.

The College of Law’s Dean, Jerrold Long, who grew up fishing the Henry’s Fork, notes that “as Idaho’s public law school at its land-grant University, it is important for us to connect our students to their communities, and to remind them of the people and places that made them want to become lawyers in the first place. For those who grew up loving rivers, and the working and natural landscapes that surround them, HFF is providing an incredible opportunity to learn about the law while helping conserve one of Idaho’s greatest treasures.”

To learn more about this externship or to support this opportunity, please email Brady.


Volunteers Needed for River Clean Up - October 29​​​​​​​

The Henry's Fork Foundation will be hosting a River/Access Site Clean Up on Tuesday, October 29 starting at 11 AM at Stonebridge. We are looking for volunteers to assist with trash clean up from 11 AM - 2PM. If time allows, we will clean up three sites: Stonebridge, Jumpoff Canyon, and Ashton Reservoir. 

Lunch will be provided for all volunteers. Email hff@henrysfork.org to volunteer or with any questions. 

There will also be a small group of HFF staff and volunteers conducting a river float clean up of Stonebridge to Ashton from 11 AM - 4 PM. Let us know if you might have special interest in the river float clean up.
"The Harriman Suite" Art Presentation by Dave Hall
This Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Salt Lake City Dave Hall will be presenting 35 paintings titled The Harriman Suite — inspired by his summer and fall on the Henry's Fork.

10% of all sales will be going to HFF, Friends of Harriman State Park and Mountain Journal. Dave is a long-time supporter. If you have questions, he can be reached at DaveHall@MovingWater.org.

The show is part of the Wasatch Studio Tour and will be in his art studio — 1062 East 2100 South in Salt Lake's Sugarhouse District.

Friday, October 11, 5-9 p.m.
Saturday, October 12, 10-6 
Sunday, October 13, 10-6