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Environmental Nature Center to host "Going Solar" Event

as part of the Living Greener Series

Newport Beach, Calif., June 21, 2018 - The Environmental Nature Center will continue its Living Greener Series with ‘Going Solar,’ a discussion on the impacts of renewable energy, how it has changed the energy market in Southern California and what it means to consumer households. The event will be held July 19, from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm at 1601 E. 16th Street, in Newport Beach. Registration is at

Renewable energy makes up nearly 20% of energy consumed in the United States.  Greenhouse gas emissions are reaching a new low and energy expenses are also beginning to fall.  Still, there are a lot of questions about renewable energy and how the cost can affect communities and households.  The Living Greener Series: Going Solar aims to dispel worries over the cost of renewable energy and discuss how Southern California has adapted to the energy market changes. Impacts from federal action on tariffs to state mandates to local utility rate changes will be examined with an open Q&A to cap things off.

The Living Greener Series seeks to help individuals understand what it means to be “living green” in their own communities.  With an increased awareness of the environment, we can help individuals bring sustainable techniques and strategies to their community.

This discussion is complementary to ENC Members and costs $5.00 to non-members.


About the ENC

Founded in 1972, the ENC is a fascinating combination of 15 California native plant communities, wildlife habitat, walking trails, and sustainably designed, LEED Platinum certified learning center. For over 45 years, the ENC has been shaped and caressed into a 5-acre landscape for learning, a sanctuary from life's pressures and a place of preservation and instruction. Serving over 27,000 students and thousands of visitors annually, the ENC is recognized as a leader in science and social science education providing opportunities for increasing our community's knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

With a mission of providing quality education through hands-on experience with nature, the ENC inspires all generations to protect the natural world by serving as our community's foremost authority on ecological responsibility, sustainable practices and environmental education.  The ENC is a non-profit 501(c)-3 public benefit corporation.  For more information call 949-645-8489, or visit The ENC is located at 1601 16th St. in Newport Beach.