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August 2019


GOVERN for IMPACT is an organization focused on advancing governance excellence in the world and is inspired by and a world leader in the practice of Policy Governance. In June 2018, the organization adopted a broader purpose and focus...[Read More]

Hubs started out as a gathering of like-minded people around a learning circle. As we approach 5 years of facilitating Hubs, we see that Hubs are blazing a trail towards excellent governance... [Read More]

GOVERN for IMPACT Strategic Focus 2019-2021

(and 2019 Priority Action Areas)

GOVERN for IMPACT is an organization focused on advancing governance excellence in the world and is inspired by and a world leader in the practice of Policy Governance. In June 2018, the organization adopted a broader purpose and focus, than in the past, a new name (formerly IPGA), and a refreshed value proposition for Boards around the world. Two critical documents that will provide you with further insight are The Case for GOVERN for IMPACT and the GOVERN for IMPACT Value Proposition

Your insights and questions are always welcome so please let me know if you have queries or comments regarding these documents.

Over late 2018 and early 2019, we have been working to develop clear focus under the direction of the Board’s Ends Policies (including critical outcomes to be achieved).  We are now working with a clear “2019-2021 GOVERN Areas of Strategic Focus (including 2019 Priority Action Areas)” document which is outlined below in bullet form (see Figure 1 below). We share this document with you so that you can see an overview of the strategic goals and priority actions that are under way.

Critical goals related to Ends (critical outcomes achievement) include:
  • Building Better GOVERN Products and Services
  • Conducting Research to Inspire Practice
  • Creating World Forum Discussions/Platforms
  • Exploring World/Practice Governance Issues
  • Communicating the Vision and Value Proposition

Also critical to being able to achieve these outcomes are our organizational capacity building goals and priority action areas.  These are also shared in the summary document below (Figure 1) and include:
  • Building Insightful Organizational Impact Measures
  • Nurturing a Nimble, Effective Infrastructure
  • Engaging, Supporting, and Growing a Complex Volunteer Network
  • Building Sustainable Resources to Support GOVERN’s Work

Please review the modified Strategy Map summary below and:
  1. Identify any critical gaps,
  2. Figure out where you might like to best contribute,
  3. Follow-up with us to find out how and where you can get involved.

You will meet an incredible group of people committed to governance excellence for building a better world and also engage in incredible learning. You and your governance practice will never be the same!!

I welcome your feedback to the plan overview below.  Each newsletter going forward we will feature one of the priority areas to keep you posted.  In this newsletter, you will read lots about our “Communities of Practice (Hubs)”.

Karen Fryday-Field

Update on GOVERN Hubs - GOVERN Communities of Practice (Hubs)

Hubs started out as a gathering of like-minded people around a learning circle. As we approach 5 years of facilitating Hubs, we see that Hubs are blazing a trail towards excellent governance! Hubs have evolved into robust communities of governance practitioners, moving the needle forward as a result of sharing their knowledge and experiences.

Here is what you can experience when you participate in a Hub community:
  • Network with governance practitioners from around the world.
  • Share experiences and learn from each other.
  • Interpret the principles and concepts into practical ​approaches, tools and techniques ​for governing effectively.
  • Develop a community of governance practice relevant to your area of interest or profession.
  • Make an Impact in your world through learning what it takes to practice excellent governance

In future GOVERN's Hubs will be referred to as Communities of Practice.
We have four (4) Communities of Practice currently very actively operating including:
  1. Simplifying Policy Governance
  2. Consulting Practice
  3. Faith-Based Organization Governance
  4. Young Professionals

Two other Hubs include:
  1. Education Organizations
  2. Board Administrators

Are you ready to make a difference in the world? Join a Communities of Practice (Hub) today by visiting our website!

Karen Fryday-Field, MBA, GSP

Professional Education Team Member

GOVERN has an opening for a volunteer who wishes to join the Professional Education Team, chaired by Rose Mercier. Click for the link to Professional Education Team Terms of Reference. The role involves participating with a small team and is advisory to the GOVERN CEO regarding the Professional Education especially the Policy Governance Proficiency Program and related matters. This role involves a 1.5-hour teleconference periodically throughout the year. If you have an interest in developing advanced education in governance this could be the team for you.

If you are interested in serving, please apply with a brief memo and your bio to:

Karen Fryday-Field
Cell:  519-671-2510

If you would like more information about joining this team, please contact Rose Mercier, Professional Education Team Leader:

Communities of Practice (formerly Hubs) Team Leader

Athens Kolias, Hubs Team Leader will be retiring form this position in the near future to take on the role of Social Media Team Leaders. Bravo to Athens! We thank you for almost 5 years of service in this role.

GOVERN is now seeking a new Communities of Practice (Hubs) Team Leader. This is a dynamic and critical position for GOVERN. Our Hubs, now called Communities of Practice are very important learning, sharing, engagement and development programs that accomplish great things in governance excellence. This volunteer will also become a member of GOVERN’s Leadership Team.

Candidates for this volunteer position should:
  • Have 3 or 4 hours per month on average to devote to this position including being on the Leadership Team.
  • Be organized and a great communicator.
  • Be committed to GOVERN for IMPACT’s purpose (see The Case for GOVERN and The GOVERN Value Proposition on our website).

This volunteer position includes:
  • Communicating with our broader community to build knowledge about and engagement in the GOVERN Communities of Practice
  • Coordinating conversations and learning among the Communities of Practice (Hubs) leaders.
  • Encouraging Communities of Practice (Hubs) to share learning from their learning experiences.
  • Recording and summarizing Communities of Practice (Hubs) statistics submitted by Hub Leaders including outcome measures.
  • Serving on the GOVERN Leadership Team as the Communities of Practice (Hubs) liaison.

GOVERN for IMPACT will provide support to the Communities of Practice (Hubs) Team Leader. Please inquire further or apply in writing in confidence to:

Karen Fryday-Field
Cell:  519-671-2510

This will be a great learning opportunity if you are interested in learning more about governance excellence.
Thank You, Thank You! - Hartger Wassink Retirement
GOVERN and all your governance community colleagues express our great appreciation to you Hartger, the outgoing team leader for GOVERN's Social Media Team. Hartger Wassink has worked to grow our social media voice and influence and recently to develop the process for more regular postings. We now regularly post to two LinkedIN groups, Facebook, and on operations on a separate GOVERN Board Blog.
Hartger is retiring from this post in order to concentrate his efforts on the 'governance' of GOVERN for IMPACT continuing as Board Chair.

Hartger, your commitment to our purpose and your hard work to grow our community and the understanding of governance in the world are recognized and appreciated. Thank You. Thank You.

Congratulations to Athens Kolias - GOVERN's New Social Media Team Leader

We are thrilled to share with the GOVERN community that Athens Kolias will take over as GOVERN's Social Media Team Leader following in Hartger Wassink's footsteps.

Athens enthusiasm for the GOVERN purpose, her tech savvy skills and her recent accomplishment as a PGP graduate all contribute well to her qualifications to take on this very critical role.
You will hear lots more about and from GOVERN's social media in the weeks and months to come.

Bravo Athens, we thank you as you move forward to strengthen GOVERN's voice in the world!

You can reach Athens at:

Govern for Impact's Policy Governance® Proficiency Program


Govern for Impact's PGP program is the only program available that leads to a professional designation denoting the possession of a high standard of Policy Governance knowledge and expertise. 

Accessible from anywhere in the world to English-speaking participants with good internet connection. *Govern aims to offer the program in other languages wherever this can be made possible.

The program aims to meet the needs of those who want to ensure they are equipped to play a leadership role in the application of Policy Governance principles and practice.

The Program runs from October 2019 thru May 2020.
For more information on the payment plan, and to register click below!
Register Now

Online Forum: Further Exploring “At What Worth” for Ends Policies ... concepts and practical application for this critical governance issue

Speaker: Richard Stringham
Moderator: Karen Fryday-Field

Date: October 22, 2019
This session is a must for Board Chairs, Board Members, CEOs, Board Administrators, and Vice Presidents, Finance.

If you’ve been working with Policy Governance for any length of time, you know that one of the three components of Ends policies is the “at what worth” component. You might also feel comfortable with the theory behind the “what worth” concept, but like so many others, you probably feel challenged to apply the concepts.
Join Richard Stringham as he explores what we have been learning about both the theory and the application of “at what worth”.

Please join us by registering at:
Register Now
For over 30 years, Richard Stringham has provided development services to a range of organizations such as co-operatives, professional regulatory organizations, non-profit groups, and commodity organizations.

Read Richard's full bio here!

Online Forum: Policy Governance and Servant Leadership: The Synergy

Presented by: John Bohley
Session Moderator: Karen Fryday-Field

Date: Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Time: 11am – 2 pm
Enrich your understanding of Policy Governance application by exploring the provocative concept of servant-leadership as developed in the classic essays of Robert Greenleaf.  Explore John Carver’s thoughts about servant-leadership and how he uses the servant-leadership concept to explain key aspects of the Policy Governance model. Compare and contrast the governance thinking of Robert Greenleaf and John Carver.  Explore the potential dynamic synergy of the Policy Governance system and the values of servant-leadership for board governance that is effective, accountable, and compassionate. Consider refreshing Policy Governance template policies to explicitly embody a range of servant-leadership value.

Please join us by registering at:
Register Now
John P. Bohley, Jr. whose governance consulting firm is Boards On Course assists boards of directors to enhance their performance through the application of the principles of the Policy Governance® model and various board performance improvement tools.

Read John's full bio here!


Are you looking for a new opportunity? Below, you will find a posting for a Corporate Secretary position with the Nova Scotia College of Nursing.  Please contact them directly with any questions, or to apply. 

Corporate Secretary
Organization: Nova Scotia College of Nursing
Contact: Scott Coleman,
Details: Click here
Application Deadline: Posting will remain open until August 26, 2019
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