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Act NOW to Reserve Your SEAT!
Last year's Panelists included (from left): Chantal Aida Gordon, Leslie Bennett, Riz Reyes and Nicole Cordier.
The Slow Flowers SUMMIT is coming up on June 29th in Washington, D.C.!
If you've been waiting to reserve your seat, grab your ticket NOW! Avoid FOMO and be in on a stimulating and thought-provoking experience that feeds your intellect, passion and vision as a floral entrepreneur.
Reserve your ticket to the SUMMIT and join progressive florists, designers and growers! We have attendees coming from Minnesota, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, California, Washington, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and more!
Last month's Slow Flowers Dream Designer Ticket Promotion ended on Sunday, May 20th.
Our winner is Gloria Collins of GBC Style in Montebello, New York.
Gloria, we're thrilled that you're coming to the SUMMIT, following which you'll be joining Debra at the exclusive evening with Laura Dowling, former White House Florist, on Sunday, July 1st. Congratulations!
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SUMMIT Details
When: Friday, June 29, 2018 (8:30 a.m.-7 p.m.)
Where: Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, D.C.
Why: We're excited to co-locate with AIFD's National Symposium "Discover"
What is the Slow Flowers Summit?
Called a "TED Talk for Flower Lovers," the SUMMIT is a one-day lecture series for creative professionals, thought leaders and pioneering voices in the progressive American-grown floral community. Designed to stimulate curiosity, examine conventional assumptions and explore conscious and ethical practices in the floral industry, the Summit agenda asks speakers and audience members alike to inquire, inform, include, instigate and inspire
Who: Debra Prinzing developed the SUMMIT as an a new "live" component to the American Flowers Week campaign (June 28-July 4). AFW devotes a week of activity via events and social media platforms to promote domestic flowers, raise consumer awareness and unite America’s flower farmers with the U.S. floral industry.
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Pre-Summit Flower Farm Tour
You're coming to Washington, D.C. for the Slow Flowers Summit and thinking "What else can I do while I'm in the Nation's Capitol?"
We have the perfect excursion for you!
On Thursday, June 28th, our friends at Wollam Gardens in Jeffersonton, Virginia, are opening their picturesque fields and grounds for Summit guests! Please join us for a fabulous day on the flower farm, complete with a guided tour led by veteran flower grower Bob Wollam, lunch under the Pavilion and picking/cutting priveleges before you leave.
Details: 10:30 a.m.-2 p.m.
Price: $35, including lunch. Pre-registration required
Carpooling is encouraged! Wollam Gardens is located about 1-1/2 hours outside D.C.
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Summit Sponsorship & Swag
Thanks to the generous sponsorship from Slow Flowers supporters and industry partners, YOU, our Summit Attendees, will enjoy some wonderful benefits! Here is what you can anticipate:
Breakfast Sponsor: Ularas Event Florist Software

Name Badge/Lanyard Sponsor: Offray Ribbon
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Slowflowers.com 2.0 is Here!

On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of Slowflowers.com, I announced the launch of our new, upgraded Slowflowers.com – version 2.0 on May 16th. 
The updated platform is a visually beautiful and user-friendly web site for consumers in search of American-grown flowers.
Since its launch in 2014, Slowflowers.com has provided floral consumers with a one-stop address for “slow” flowers and foliage, wedding and event designers and myriad options for gifting local and seasonal flowers.
Participation among floral professionals has grown from 250 vendors to more than 700 vendors across the U.S. and Canada. The site averages 29k unique users and 191k page views annually.
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Are you a Member? Click here to JOIN Slow Flowers►
In our fourth year, American Flowers Week has a lot to celebrate and I want to make sure you join in the many activities and take advantage of the resources available to help you promote local and seasonal flowers in your market!
We've gained significant momentum, having generated more than 5 million impressions across social media platforms in the past 365 days! Everyone involved in flower farming and floral design is encouraged to highlight America’s flowers with the #americanflowersweek hashtag to draw attention to the campaign.
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What's New in the Slow Flowers Journal
Read this insightful and transparent article contributed by Slow Flowers member Emily Ellen Anderson of Lola Creative (and a 2017 Slow Flowers Summit speaker) on a new way of pricing florals to ensure you are paying yourself fairly and sustaining your business! Emily includes a pricing recipe and other resources that she's developing for her new online course called Price & Profit Design. Check out her article here.
The May issue of Florists’ Review explores the magnetic vibe of LA LA LAND, so I wanted to showcase several talented Los Angeles area creatives for our Slow Flowers Journal section, including the stories of Slow Flowers members and a small retail business there that I love.
Having lived and worked in Southern California for four years (2006-2010) I feel an affinity for the landscape, the flora, the climate and the spirit Los Angeles. It was a wonderful chapter of my life, professionally and personally. I return as often as possible and I’m so pleased to share a few stories about my favorite subjects in this section.
Please I’m excited to share the May 2018 articles, people, voices and flowers featured in the print edition of Slow Flowers Journal — a snapshot of Los Angeles’s floral world seen through the Slow Flowers lens: artisanal, locally-grown and locally-made.
This editorial project resides in the pages of Florists’ Review — please enjoy Issue No. 10. Here’s a peek at the features and columns from the May Issue. 
  • Flower Duet (in "Sister Act," the story shown above) features Slow Flowers members Kit Wertz and Casey Schwartz and their story of designing a diversified floral studio.
  • Mud Baron, featured in "Flowers On Your Head," is part of the Los Angeles urban gardening scene with a passion for changing the relationship kids and adults have with the natural world. His story is part of our American-Grown Hero series.
  • Potted, an inspiring Los Angeles gardening, plants and design retailer is featured in our "Made in the U.S.A." series.  
Click here to read the May Issue recap and download free PDFs►
SLOW FLOWERS in the News 
ABC News Features Slow Flowers as a Mother's Day gifting resource
"The options to buy U.S.-grown flowers are growing. Slow Flowers, run by Debra Prinzing, is a nationwide online directory for florists to find U.S.-grown flowers.
Click here to find florists in your community who sell flowers grown in the US.
Pot and Box in Detroit uses the Slow Flowers network to connect with U.S. farms and the florist also showcases its floral arrangements in Detroit-made vases.
In Chicago, Field and Florist is located in the Wicker Park neighborhood and also uses the Slow Flowers network to supply more than 40 Chicago-area florists with flowers."
Click here to read the full article and watch ABC News segment►
Mind Body Green, a sustainable blog, featured Slow Flowers as a resource for local and seasonal flowers inspired by the recent Royal Wedding. Author Emma Loewe, sustainability editor for MBG, writes:

Look out for seasonal flowers that don't create much waste.
If you're looking for floral design for a wedding or large event, embrace seasonality. There are gorgeous flowers available twelve months a year, even in northern climates. You should also let your florist know you'd like to see them reduce waste. At Molly Oliver Flowers we reuse and rent vessels and compost all floral waste to reduce our contribution to the waste stream. This is hugely important!
Around New York, I am a huge fan of Rock Steady Farm & Flowers, Treadlight Farm, Stems Brooklyn and Petal by Pedal. If you don't live in NYC, check out Slow Flowers or the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers for a directory of farmer-florists in your area! You can sift through both by ZIP code.
Click here to read the full article ►
More on Royal Wedding: The Morton Report
Author Charlotte Germane explores and predicts more floral trends associated with the Royal Wedding:
"As brides demand the look of Meghan’s informal, restrained bouquet they will also follow her emphasis on the source of the flowers, resulting in a boost for the Slow Flowers movement and reduced demand for flowers grown in South America. . . . So next time you see a bride walking down the aisle, don’t be surprised if her bouquet is a small, hand-tied cluster of understated, seasonal flowers from a nearby flower farm, with a few special blooms contributed by the groom."
Thank you Charlotte Germane for the acknowledgement about the influences of Duchess of Sussex on our floral preferences!
Click here to read the full Royal Wedding Flowers post ►
Part of our ongoing Slow Flowers' floral design series for Houzz.com, the Mother's Day post featured a DIY project and more beautiful and seasonal designs by several Slow Flowers members, including:
Farmgal Flowers, Stargazer Barn, Farm to Vase, Little Big Farm and Mossflower.
Click here to read the full article on Houzz.com ►
Upcoming Slow Flowers Events 
Tuesday, July 3, 2018
9:30-10:30 a.m.
2:30-3:30 p.m.
AIFD has invited Debra Prinzing to speak on "Field to Vase: Connecting Grower, Florist and Consumer" as part of the group's first-ever "Field to Vase Florists" educational track at this year's Symposium. The track is promoted as "acknowledging the movement toward sustainability and locally grown, AIFD welcomes industry professionals who share the farmer/floral artist lifestyle."
Click here for Registration and more details ►
2-5 p.m.
Twin Cities Flower Exchange is located between downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul, making it one of the most dynamic new hubs for seasonal and local flowers around. 
Join Debra Prinzing and the flower farmers of TCFE for a Networking Event and Happy Hour at The Good Acre! This is a free event, but registration is required.
Click here for Registration and more details ►
Adam and Jennifer O'Neal of PepperHarrow Farm announced their first "Flower Farming, Floral Design, and Creative Writing Workshop" -- and Slow Flowers will be there.
Immerse yourself in the farm for two gloriously full days of flower farming, inspiration, design, and fellowship. This beginning flower farmer workshop is for the hands-on learner and goes in-depth into the basics of flower farming, creative writing, floral design, and developing your flower farming business.
Students will gather with like-minded flower souls while learning and seeing life on a beautiful working flower farm. Throughout the course, personalized instruction will delve extensively into the essentials of flower farming so attendees leave with the confidence to bring flower farming goals to life. In addition to all of this incredible content, Margaret Ludwig, of Giverny Design, in New Orleans, will be leading creative instruction on floral design.
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SLOW FLOWERS IN KANSAS CITY WITH MoKan Farmer-Florist Connection 
September 11, 2018
5:30-8 p.m.
(dinner included)
The Homesteader Cafe, Kansas City
MoKan Farmer Florist Connection's Facebook Group is open to anyone who has an interest in organic/sustainable gardening practices, flower farming, floral design, and growing the Slow (local) Flowers Movement in America.
Members are invited to share flower farming experiences, availability of product, seed sources, greenhouse growing, flower conferences, floral designs, branding, sales and marketing, wedding work and more. Its creator is Slow Flowers member Andrea K. Grist of Andrea K. Grist Floral Art. Tickets include farm-to-table dinner. Pre-registration is required.
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TREND SUMMIT Conference 2018
September 17-21, 2018
Hosted by Hitomi Gilliam AIFD of Design 356, Vancouver, British Columbia

Hitomi Gilliam invites all movers & shakers within the floral industry – forward thinking growers, vendors, designers, educators, & influencers to a multifaceted conference focused on lifestyle trends and how the flower industry should respond to the pulse of consumers.

Become a stronger influencer of trends and join the group discussions & presentations led by an amazing panel of presenters, including Holly Heider Chapple (Hope Farms & Chapel Designers), Leatrice Eiseman (Pantone Institute), Gregor Lersch (Global Design Expert), Hitomi Gilliam AIFD, Debra Prinzing (Slow Flowers) and ‘The New Voice’ (Under-40 Influencers Panel).
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September 13-14, 2018

As part of the annual Bonfils-Stanton Lecture Series, Debra Prinzing returns to the Denver Botanic Gardens to lecture, teach and participate in two amazing days of Colorado-grown flowers. Here's the schedule of events (all are separately ticketed and require advance registration):
Thursday, September 13th
10:30 a.m. Farm Tour & Lunch at The Fresh Herb Co., a farm featured in "The 50 Mile Bouquet."
6:30 p.m. Debra's Lecture: American Beauty, The Slow Flowers Story (come early for Social hour and tasting hosted by Slow Food Denver)
Friday, September 14th
9 a.m. Urban Flower Farm Tour at CityGal Farms with Slow Flowers member Kimberly Burton
11:30 a.m. Tour, Lunch and Workshop at Red Daisy Farm with Slow Flowers member Meg McGuire and Debra Prinzing
Click here for Registration Details ►
September 24-26, 2018
On Wednesday, September 26 (1:30 p.m.) join me for a Future-Looking Floral Industry Overview and early peek at the 2019 forecast for flower farmers and farmer-florists alike.
I last spoke at ASCFG six years ago, at the 2012 Symposium in Tacoma, Washington.
So much has changed for the good in the subsequent years and I'm excited to share my insights and experiences with ASCFG's attendees.
Click here for Registration and More Details ►
September 30-October 2, 2018
Hosted by Grace Rayne Hoke, O'Donal's Nursery
Gorham, Maine
Join a true floral immersion where new skills will be taught and your designer’s eye expanded. Experience a creative space for expanding your vision completely focused on locally sourced materials in the SlowFlowers fashion. Inspiring your imagination, delighting your senses, expanding your community and boosting your confidence are the goals with this comprehensive 2 ½ day workshop.
O’Donal’s Nursery is delighted to welcome you to the first annual Floral Workshop. Our new state of the art Geothermal/Solar green house will be the setting for our floral classroom. 
Click here for Registration and More Details ►
LISTEN: Slow Flowers Podcasts for May

GROW! Features Slow Flowers Podcast in its report: The Best Gardening Podcasts (2018)
Debra Prinzing, another longtime friend and garden writer, is the host and creator of Slow Flowers. She started the movement in 2008 to bring attention to the responsible US flower farmers. She soon found herself on a journey to educate people about the US flower market and to share stories of the incredible, hard-working flower farmers who are doing it right. Her passion shines through in her voice. Listen to Katie and Suzi's interview on 2018 Garden TrendsREAD FULL REPORT HERE.

Each week the Slow Flowers Podcast releases a new episode featuring timely interviews with flower farmers and floral designers whose wisdom and insights will inspire you!

Listeners have downloaded more than 323,000 episodes to date! 

Check out the wide range of guests introduced to you last month and join the thousands of listeners we educate and inform each week:

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Welcome to our New Slow Flowers Members
We welcomed 36 new & renewing members representing 20 states to Slowflowers.com in May! Check them out and be sure to follow and say hello on social media!

A New Leaf, Omaha, NE
*Alaska Peony Cooperative, Willow, AK
BLH Farm, St. Louis, MO
Bluebird Blooms Flower Farm, Utica, NY
Bramble Floral Design, Portland, OR
Fern Trust, Seville, FL
Firefly Flower Farm, Bluemont, VA
Flower Box Studios, Northglenn, CO
Flower Mama, Davis, CA
*Foxglove Market, St. Paul, MN
Full Belly Farm
, Guinda, CA
*Full Bloom Flower Farm, Sebastapol, CA
Green Valley Floral, Salinas, CA
Gray Tabby Gardens, Lake Mary, FL
*Hazel Floral, Seattle, WA
Heartwood Forest Farm, Cedar, MI
Humble Roots Flower Farm, Santa Rosa, CA
*JoLee Blooms, Petaluma, CA
Juniper Flowers, Seattle, WA
*Little Acre Flowers, Washington, D.C.
*Lola Creative, Seattle, WA
*Mighty Fine Farm, Missoula, MT
Mountain Prairie Farm, Whitefish, MT
Plum Nelly Flower Farm, Coushatta, LA
Renningers Farm, Royersford, PA
*Sarah's Petals, Fincastle, VA
*Stone Row Acres, Oxford, NJ
Sweet Blossoms, Frederick, MD
*Trill Flora, Seattle, WA
Verde Flowers, San Anselmo, CA
*Virginia Flora, Fredericksburg, VA
White Dog Flowers, Oregon, WI
Wollam Gardens, Jeffersonton, VA

*Denotes NEW Members
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Meet the Slow Flowers Team
SOCIAL MEDIA MAVEN Niesha Blancas of Fetching Social Media.
If we feature you on Instagram or Facebook, it's Niesha you have to thank!
She loves giving shout-outs to Slow Flowers members, our Podcast guests, our Event Partners and our Summit speakers. Niesha has more than doubled the followers on @myslowflowers since we teamed up last fall.
EVENT DIVA Karen Thornton of Avenue 22 Events.
Karen Thornton is the talent behind the 2nd annual Slow Flowers Summit and I'm so grateful for her counsel, her organizational genius, her strategic planning and her generally chill approach to anything that makes me panic.
We've worked together on two previous events for creativepreneurs and I have to say, Karen's involvement in any event is the *secret sauce* to success! If you attend the Summit, you'll meet both Karen AND Niesha! 
Follow Karen at @avenue22events.
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