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Customizable Comfort...
Introducing the Rio Cava Custom Comfort Series.  This one only makes sense if you won't settle for less than sublime comfort. You can perch and have tea with the garden club in tailored, proper fashion, but equally adeptly you can flop, drape, snooze, spread-eagle, laze, loll (and lolligag), and even bask.
Oh yes, it's that good. And it morphs: from a simple ottoman or a modest sofa with a 20” seat depth all the way to a veritable Parthenon of leisure with a 24" seat depth and as many acres of piErgonom comfort as your space calls for. 
Like all WILLEM SMITH pieces, we build it without compromise:  our signature spring-down seats and down-blend backs are supported by an 8-way hand-tied hardwood frame all synchronized by ErgoFlap technology.  Be forewarned: the Rio Cava will take your Netflix binge-ing to absurd extremes. With a configuration for every space and purpose, make our Cava your Cava. Sit it to believe it!
Rio Cava [Ree-oh Káh-vah].  1. Spanish. n. Infinitely configurable comfort haven/lair.  A refuge of dynamic, chameleonic accommodation suitable for intellectual pursuits and serious sloth.
WILLEM SMITH Rio Cava Custom Comfort Series
Shown: 24" depth, Track arm with T-cushion, No-ear back cushion, Modern foot. 
118" x 94"
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