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January 31, 2018

Hours are 8-6 Monday through Saturday
Closed Sundays

Food Demo
Saturday February 3
11 am and noon
Join us in the Market as Mirabai Perfas of Big Hug Dumplings demonstrates the perfect technique for
delicious dumplings!
Free samples, advice, and hugs will be given!
Ramen Power
There's nothing more comforting than a nice hot bowl of soup, and we have everything you need to make a fantastic bowl of Ramen Noodles! 
(or just about any other Asian style meal you want)
Try this recipe for Crazy Fast Ramen with Bacon Egg and Kimchi
Fresh Cuts
Slicing and dicing not your favorite part of cooking?
We’ve got your back!
Farm Fresh Cuts are made in house
from only the freshest produce.
Bartlett’s Farm...who’s your Sous Chef?!
Confetti Rice is simply vegetables chopped very finely - this is a great substitute for rice in any dish! 
Our stir fry mix will save you a whole lot of time chopping! 
Bartlett's 175th Anniversary Presents-
Who's Your Farmer? Get to know our staff!

Rachel Amaral

An island fan. A magenta fan. A photography fan.

These could be three different people but in truth, it describes one person in particular at Bartlett’s Farm...Rachel Amaral.

Beginning with the farm in the summer of 2009, Island native Rachel has taken turns in both the market and the registers before finding her true home in the Garden Center.

When asked about the part of the job that brings her joy, she describes the first hour of the day in the garden center. Coming in early to open and set up the ideal presentation for potential customers includes radio silence and Zen time. Once the day has begun full swing, it’s bringing a customer from start to finish with their plants that makes it all worthwhile.

If the photo was not a big enough hint, Rachel spends her days off the farm with a camera firmly in hand. From capturing family moments with a portrait session or a bride on her wedding day, she will be found taking the photos or editing them. Farm photography included.

You can follow her on Instagram @rachelelizabethco

And there's more exciting news from the kitchen...
you can now pre-order your dinner! 

Just call 508-228-9403 by 1:30 to order your dinner!
Tuesday...Prime Rib
Wednesday...Roast Turkey
Thursday...Grilled Tri-Tip
Friday...Whole Roast Chicken
Valentine's Day is only Two Weeks Away...
Do you know someone who is passionate about scents?  Well, you are in luck, because these Thyme products are on sale, just in thyme for Valentines Day. Buy one, get the second at 50% off through 2/14! 
And while you are thinking of Valentine's Day, start thinking Chocolate and candy! These Hammond's Candy hearts are a scrumptious blend of fluffy marshmallow, buttery caramel and silky milk chocolate. 
And who can say no to that?  
Organic microgreens from 2 Friends Farm in Attleboro are now in the market! 
You probably know they are great in salads and on sandwiches, but there are plenty more ways to use them in
your everyday cooking!
​​​​​​​To learn more about 2 Friends Farm, Click here. 
Save The Dates
2/10 11 AM and noon in the Market: Gabrielle Gould Prepares a
Valentines Day Dessert. 

2/17 Farm Talk- Tom Mulholland Falconry Talk 11 am in the Hayloft (or outside, weather permitting)

2/24 11 AM in the Hayloft: Fernanda and Hilary share their knowledge of seeds and seeding vegetables and flowers.

2/24 11 am and noon in the market food demo- Challah making and braiding with Liam Bowley from Something Natural

3/3 11 AM in the Hayloft: Dave Shepard slide show and discussion of his
Peace Corp Mission to Nepal

3/24 11 AM In the Hayloft: Andrew Spollet answers all your questions about growing vegetables, here at the farm or in your own yard.  
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