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Question Of The Week * June 23, 2014

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Question Of The Week

Question:  On some of my emails, I see a notice to "right-click here to download pictures."  (Like the image above.)  Why does that happen?

Answer:  This is a great question and we hear it fairly often.  So, here's our answer:

There are two ways to get a picture into the body of an email: 1)  embed it; or, 2) embed a link to a picture on a server.  

When you put a picture from your computer into the body of an email, you send the picture along with the email when you send it.  On the other hand, companies like ourselves don't want to send a picture along with each email, so we post a picture to a server and put a link to that picture in our email.  This means we only have to post one picture and hundreds or even thousands of people can access it through a link.  For businesses, it's the most efficient way to share pictures.  Also, for businesses like ours, we are helped in learning how effective our emails are because when you allow the pictures from our server to appear on your computer, that action is recorded at the server and we know you opened the email.  It's a great tool for us!

Unfortunately, being able to tell that you opened an email is a great tool for those evil Internet people called Spammers.  In an effort to find out if an email is valid, they will send you an email and if you open it and allow the pictures to appear, they know your email address is in use.  Then guess what happens?  You get MORE spam email!

In an effort to curb spam that is cultivated in this manner, almost all email providers now block pictures from automatically opening up when you click on an email.  When you get an email with pictures blocked, you'll see something similar to the picture at the beginning of this article.  

How should you treat an email that has pictures blocked?

1)  If the email is from someone you don't know or you think for any reason the email is not legitimate, you should leave the pictures blocked.  (And, probably delete the email.)

2)  If the email is from someone or some company you trust (like us), you should follow the instructions and show the pictures.  

3)  If your email service gives you the option, you can mark a sender as "safe" and the pictures will always show for their emails.  Remember, this option isn't available with all providers.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions regarding our answer.  Just send an email to: qotw@4kcc.com.

If you were one of our many customers who attended the St. Lucie County School Board production of Cinderella, we just want to say "Thanks!"  Joyce had lots of fun working with the kids on their music and playing piano in the orchestra.  We hope you enjoyed it!  Get ready for Hello, Dolly coming next January and February.  Be sure to visit the website for more details by clicking on the Cinderella picture above.
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