It's "pretty ugly"

Oxymorons.  While we are all familiar with them by definition, you will be surprised how frequently they are used in our day to day lives.  

For instance, it's certainly not uncommon to find "paper towels", "plastic silverware" and "loosely sealed" chips in the average kitchen.

Then, of course, the news is "recorded live" as reporters interview someone from the "small crowd" or as they ask an expert for their "unbiased opinion" on an issue.

Perhaps you remember the "student teacher" who was instructing your 5th grade class as you studied the "Civil War"?

And we all know someone who is in "poor health". 

At some point we have adopted these unusual word combinations into our vernacular.  Is it any wonder why it's so difficult for people to learn to speak English?

"Good grief"!

What a difference $250,000 and 5 years makes!

Business owners don't frequently associate "Lending" and "Creativity" when borrowing money, but they are pivotal to how The Business Development Company differentiates itself.
Abstrax, a small RI business, knows this creativity first-hand.  Growing its staff from 1-20 in its first 19 months, Abstrax worked closely with The Business Development Company to realize the capital infusion necessary to continue their rapid growth plan.  The company had over 60 employees when it was sold in 2016.
Our creative lending may be the answer for other young companies when they need capital to grow and may not have the profitable track record or hard collateral required by a bank. Our underwriting focuses on the quality and commitment of the management team, the strength of market traction, and the ability to validate the financial model.
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Peter C. Dorsey, Jr
President, The Business Development Company