No need to RSVP, but if you are not on Nantucket and would like to come for the Party, email and I might be able to help you find some accommodations! 
Don't forget- we still need your photos and memories!!! 
   We would like to make a video series of Farmily Alumni.  Please participate by sending a short video (60 seconds or less) which includes an introduction with your name, what job and year(s) you worked here, where you are from and where you are now.  Please also answer one of the following questions:
What is your favorite/funniest memory of the Farm?
How has the Farm changed your life and/or influenced your career?
What was the best lesson you learned here?
-or be creative and say something else about your time here. 
Email and if are interested in participating and we'll have instructions for how to send the video. 

In addition, or instead of, we would love it if you would share any pictures you have from your time at the Farm.  Post to Instagram #bartlettsfarm #bartlettsfarm175 or