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Monday, May 21, 2018
Dear --FNAME--,

In this day and age, photos are such an important part of the computing world.  Smartphones and tablets have changed the way we take photos.  It's an exciting time because everyone can take awesome photos without expensive cameras and equipment.  Unlike the "old days" we can snap as many photos as we want without hurting our pocketbook.
Like every great opportunity, there is a downside to the ease of photo-taking.  Understanding the types of photos, organizing them, adjusting them and sharing them with other people can be challenging. 
That being said, I've put together a training program with nearly 15 hours of videos, PowerPoint presentations and printable PDFs.  In this training: you'll learn the different types of photos; why photo size and file size aren't the same thing; why a printed photo may look different than how it appears on the screen; which photo program to use; how to eliminate duplicate photos; a sensible procedure for naming and organizing your photos; and, much, much more.
If you were to purchase training from us - at our best price of $40 an hour - this photo training program would cost $600.  But, we're offering these 15 hours of photo training for just $20.  The price includes the USB drive with all the training plus the postage to mail it to you.  To order your photo training program, just click the box below.  We've covered photo training in several of our seminars and I'm excited to share this additional training with all of our customers, not just those who live on the Treasure Coast.

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Happy computing!

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Next Seminar
If you live on the Treasure Coast, please join us for our June seminar which is Saturday, June 2, 2018.  The cost is still just $8 a person and there'll be coffee, tea, juice, donuts and other goodies so come a few minutes early!
The subject is:  "Intel Inside" and it will be from 10:00 a.m.-12 Noon at Trinity United Methodist Church in Jensen Beach, FL.  (Click on the picture above to get directions, etc.) You can find an outline of what we plan to cover by visiting our seminar page which you'll find HERE.
It's been awhile since we've had a webinar!  We hope you'll join us for our webinar on June 6, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.  We'll cover the password management tool, RoboForm.  Remember, even if you can't attend but you're interested in the information we'll share, sign up anyway and we'll send you the follow-up info.  Register HERE.
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Question of the Week

Question:  "A friend sent me an email with a picture of us at our high school reunion.  However, instead of seeing the photo, all I saw was a red X.  I could not get the photo to appear.  What's wrong?"

Answer:  This question fits right in with our new Photo Training Program that we talked about above!
There are a number of reasons the photo our customer was expecting to see didn't show up. 
1) The picture was sent as a part of the email and not an attachment.  When a picture is sent inside the text area of an email, what appears there is in HTML format (like a webpage).  Unfortunately, some email servers strip out all HTML code (to protect against viruses) and that eliminates the picture. 
2) The picture was originally on a server but has since been moved.
3)  The picture is on a server but your email is blocking pictures from the sender.  (You can usually click a bar at the top of the email and allow the photos to download and show up in the email.)
As an example of #3 - this email contains pictures which are on our server.  If you can see them, then they are not being blocked by your email client.  If you see Xs, then look for a place to allow photos to show!
4) Finally, it's possible that the person sending you the photos did something wrong and that's why you're seeing the red X. 

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