New Yarn!
--FNAME-- , with January coming to a quick conclusion, but the weather still remaining gray and cold, we have something beautiful to get you out of the house and excited about.  We just received a huge shipment of Madeline Tosh yarn!  We have Madeline Tosh Vintage, Madeline Tosh Merino Light, Madeline Tosh Twist Light and Madeline Tosh DK.  The colors are dreamy and the ideas just flow when you look at it, and feel it.  So, beat the winter blues with Madeline Tosh and The Flaming Ice Cube!
Building in Color
New class scheduled for February
A new Building in Color class is scheduled to begin on Thursday, February 15, at 6 pm.  Building in Color is for any knitter who would like to build their colorwork skills.  This class teaches colorwork knitting techniques one skill at a time.  Each technique is taught with you knitting one panel, and at the end you have a beautiful blanket!  Sign up now before this class fills!
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Weaving for Beginners
New classes scheduled through March
Weaving is back at The Flaming Ice Cube and we couldn't be more excited!  Whether you're new to the fiber arts, or are seasoned in them, but haven't tried weaving, we have the class for you.  In our Learn to Weave class we provide you with the loom, and with the yarn that is called the "warp".  You pick out the yarn for your "weft", and at the end of this instructed class you have knowledge of the loom, weaving, and a beautiful scarf!
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Knitting in the Round
Classes scheduled February through March
This hat class is the tail end of our Knitting Boot Camp, or can be scheduled on it's own.  In this three part class you will learn to use circular needles to knit in the round, and complete a hat that is suitable for a man or woman.  This is a must class for beginning knitters to go to the next level.
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