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You’ve gotten your son through detox. He’s completed his inpatient treatment. Now you’ve found him a safe and sober place to live, maybe even one that includes lots of structure and support like we have here at Next Step Recovery. He’s going to 12-step meetings, he’s looking for work or thinking about going back to school, and now he’s on the phone telling you he’s ready to come home, or he’s not ready to come home but he’s ready to move somewhere else, or he needs more money, or...


You’re having a hard time following what he’s saying because he’s no longer saying it, he’s yelling it, and you’re noticing that familiar sick feeling in the pit of your stomach—the same feeling you had before he went to detox, the feeling you had when you didn’t know where he was or who he was with or what he was doing with all the money you gave him.

You’re trying to figure out how much you can afford to give him this time. You really want to help—of course you want to help, what parent wouldn’t?!—but nothing seems to be working, and you don’t like hearing him this upset, and now your chest feels tight, and...




Take a breath. Then entertain the possibility that some of ways you helped in the past haven’t actually helped. In fact, some of the ways you helped may have hurt or delayed your son’s recovery process.


Make no mistake, letting our children experience pain and disappointment is hard. It’s perhaps the hardest thing we do as parents. But our job isn’t to shield our children from life’s challenges. Our job is to give them the skills to navigate these challenges and come out on the other side. We let our children experience life on life’s terms so they can become capable and resilient adults.


Click here to read our full article about codependency and parenting resources. If you’d like a little more support, please reach out. We’re happy to share additional resources that have helped thousands of parents and families in recovery.



Susan Stader, MS, LPC, LCAS, CCS


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