Volume 11, Issue 11
November, 2018
Greetings from CoachDeck!

Happy Thanksgiving! Let's all give thanks for the many hard working parent-volunteers who help us ensure that every child who wants to play has a chance. Want a great way to show your gratitude? Give that coach a CoachDeck!

In this issue:
You've heard the term "body language" but have probably never had it explained quite like Dan Abrahams does in his latest piece. Brian Gotta re-publishes his popular holiday wish list for youth sports. And Dr. Patrick Cohn returns triumphantly with a terrific piece sharing his expertise on how young athletes can use their minds to achieve greatness!

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The REAL Meaning of Great Body Language in Soccer
By Dan Abrahams

As you’ve probably noticed I talk about body language a lot…specifically its importance to your soccer. I tweet about body language everyday. I’ve referred to body language time and again in my books and articles. In my opinion body language is where its at when it comes to the mental side of the game! Read Article
My Holiday Youth Sports Wish List
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

The holidays are upon us! This is a time to reflect on the past and look ahead with hope for a new and brighter future. Here are a few items on my holiday youth sports wish list: Read Article
Mindset and How to Reach Your Athletic Potential
By Dr. Patrick Cohn

What separates elite athletes from the rest? Talent? Many talented athletes never lived up to their potential. Technical skills? All the technical skills in the world will not help if you are unable to perform those skills in the heat of competition. years. Read Article​