Coronavirus Update from Scampers
posted March 23, 2020

Good evening, Scampers family.

With the new edict announced by Gov. Inslee, we find that we no longer fit the criteria for "essential services" and as a result, we are now forced to close for daycare, boarding and grooming, effective immediately.

We are hopeful that this closure will be short-lived, but recognize that our services can only come back online when the state allows. We realize that this closure, and those of so many other small businesses, pose a major change to all of our lives, but that this is being done to save lives and that is where we must focus our thoughts. We certainly hope that none of you are terribly inconvenienced by this change.

Many of you have written to us expressing your concerns for the security of our staff members. Know that the Employment Security Department is doing terrific things to maintain their security and we will continue to advocate for them through this closure. So, now, let's focus on the overall health of our families, neighbors and friends with this new normal.

As always, thank you all, enormously, for all of the support you've all shown us. Know that we will be back open and ready for your dogs as soon as we possibly can!

Between now and then, please, everyone stay safe and healthy and let's do all that we can to Flatten The Curve!

Linda Olsen and Stina Hughes, Partners
Scampers Daycamp for Dogs


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