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SLOWFLOWERS.COM gets a beautiful upgrade
Four years ago this month, on May 12, 2014, I announced the debut of Slowflowers.com.

At the time I described Slowflowers.com as a free, online directory of American-grown flowers and the designers, shops, studios and farms who source those blooms.

The mission of Slowflowers.com is simply this: 
To promote American-grown flowers, to make it easy for flower consumers to connect with florists, shops, studios and farms who provide American-grown flowers, and to encourage truthful and transparent country-of-origin labeling in the floral industry.
I also said:
My goal with this project is that when someone wishes to purchase or send flowers, they stop and ask themselves: Can those flowers be American grown? Slowflowers.com provides that answer.
We started with a directory of 250 domestic floral resources. Today, that list has grown to 725 members in the U.S. and in Canada — and my goal with your help, continues to be growing that list to one thousand (1,000) members!

Perfectly timed to coincide with the 4th birthday of Slowflowers.com, I have just unveiled a brand new Slowflowers.com 2.0 – a visually updated and more user-friendly web site for those who visit the consumer-facing side; and a more functional machine for members who interact with the admin and database side to manage your content.
I have invested considerable time and finances to create Slowflowers.com 2.0, with a fresh, new aesthetic and easy-to-navigate user experience.

I hope you take time to click over to Slowflowers.com to see what I mean. 
If you're a member, below you will find all the admin details for the new User Guide and the press announcement relating to the relaunch & rebrand of Slowflowers.com 2.0. 

And finally, if you have always considered yourself a “supporter of Slow Flowers,” but have never joined, now is the time to put your values into an actionable gesture and do so.
We welcome you to our growing and vibrant community of kindred spirits – flower farmers, floral designers, farmer florists, wholesalers, retailers and consumers of flowers. Click here to become a member and enjoy the many benefits and values of being part of the Slow Flowers Community!

I’ll have much more news to share with you as we continue to improve all the facets of Slowflowers.com. I definitely want to thank Bob Meador of Metric Media for his ongoing involvement in the creation, maintenance and caretaking of this digital project.

As I find myself so often saying . . . I’m a journalist, not a business person. My path to creating the Slow Flowers community and content channels has been passion-driven more than entrepreneurial. With continual improvement in the platform, we’re creating a dynamic brand with which floral consumers and the floral industry wants to engage – and I’m stretching my business know-how in doing so.
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More Features to Explore
The Home Page Search Bar makes it easy for visitors to browse and find
flowers, designers and retailers.
 Listing Categories and Upcoming Events Search Options
Expanded Articles Section
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Member Resources
Featured Listings include a rotating gallery of Premium Level members
There's a new "Best Of" section that highlights Premium Level members
in a number of categories -- an added member benefit.
Premium Level members receive a number of special perks that help you to gain visibility on Slowflowers.com.
The 2.0 version now allows up to 9 photos in your image gallery, plus a cool banner photo across the top of your page.
If you've been thinking about increasing your profile, this is a great option for shining light on your floral business and talents! 
Follow the link below for details on Upgrading your Membership on Slowflowers.com.
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Promote Your EVENTS
PROMOTE your EVENTS & WORKSHOPS with improved visibility.
Each Premium Level member receives 1 FREE Event listing per month as a member benefit. Anyone can post an event, tour, sale or workshop for $15/month.
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Here's where you can download your Slow Flowers BADGE & LOGO,
and access our Press Releases and more.
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Upcoming Slow Flowers Events 
Connect, Network, Learn, Explore and Expand when you meet leaders in the Slow Flowers Movement!
The SLOW FLOWERS SUMMIT is just around the corner and tickets are still available! Take advantage of the Slow Flowers member rate and join us for a "floral mind meld" on Friday, June 29th in Washington, D.C.
I don't want to experience it without you!
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Questions about Slowflowers.com 2.0? Contact Debra here!