Question of the Week * August 15, 2015
Dear --FNAME--,

Once again, if you're one of our many Apple Mac users, I apologize.    Today's Question is all about Windows 10!  There are other exciting things in this email, though - the announcements of our next webinars and September's Live Seminar.  So, please read this issue even if Windows 10 doesn't interest you!

Just a reminder:  if you're a Windows Vista user, you really need to think about upgrading.  There are so many limitations with Windows Vista now and the operating system is old enough that you are really losing out on the advantages of a newer, faster computer.  Here at Keystone Computer Concepts, we have some great deals on both laptops and desktops.  We hope you'll check with us before you purchase a new computer!

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If you've seen an error message in the last few days, similar to the one shown here, please read our blog posting found HERE.
We've announced our August webinars - and they're both about Windows 10.  Read all about them and sign up today by visiting our blog post HERE.
September Seminar
Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015
10:00 a.m.-12 Noon
Our two month hiatus is pretty much over so we're looking forward to our September Seminar.  If you live on Florida's Treasure Coast, we hope you can join us.  The cost is still $8 per person.  The seminar is entitled "It's Been A Long, Hot Summer."   We're going to explore how, although there are lots of new things happening in the Microsoft and the Apple arenas, the basics still apply.  We'll touch on some of those basics as they relate to email, the operating system and more.  We hope you can join us.  Get directions by clicking HERE.
Question of the Week
Question:  "My computer is now telling me that Windows 10 is ready to be installed.  Should I go ahead?"
Answer:  If you are one of our customers who heeded our plea about not upgrading to Windows 10 right away, let me say "Thank you!"   We've had a chance to upgrade dozens of computers - some originally running Windows 7 and others running Windows 8.1.  Now that we've done that, we have some information to share with you.
We've written a blog post about upgrading to Windows 10.  In this blog, we cover the following areas:
  • why you should eventually upgrade.
  • why you might wait to upgrade to Windows 10.
  • when you do decide to upgrade, what you should do first before upgrading.
  • what should you do during the upgrade?
  • what you should do if the upgrade fails?

You'll find all the information by clicking HERE.