Conventional Antibodies Don't Tell the Whole Story
A single domain antibody, also known as sdAb, VHH, or VNAR, is an antibody fragment consisting of a single monomeric variable antibody domain. It lacks the light chain and CH1 domain of the heavy chain in the conventional Fab region. The first sdAbs were engineered from the VHH domain of heavy-chain antibody identified in camelids. The VNAR domain of cartilaginous fish's heavy-chain antibody is another qualified source for sdAb development. sdAb has multiple advantages over conventional antibodies and presents broad applications, including biological diagnosis, medical imaging, and immunodetection.
With our advanced phage display platform, repertoire source of various species (camel, llama, alpaca, and shark), and sdAb custom development services, Creative Biolabs has gained a good reputation among our worldwide customers. We offer high-quality customized services to meet even the most specific requirements.
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