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Book Signing and Garden Party
August 4th at 5:30
Garden Party!
Join us in the garden center for a book signing and garden party with Elin Hilderbrand! Try some farm-made treats and libations!

Sneak Peek...Elin will also read from next summer's book!

What's a Bartlett's Tomato?
And why does it taste sooooo good?

bartletts tomato

Most modern tomato varieties are hybrids grown from two distinct parent plants. Hybrids are not GMO's (genetically modified organisms.) Modern hybrids are chosen for their ability to hold up while being shipped long, and for uniformity, often while taste is ignored. Most are picked green, shipped a few thousand miles, plunked on your plate, and then tossed in the garbage when the meal is over.

Bartlett's Tomatoes are not a single named variety, but rather a tomato collection. We grow 24 varieties of beefsteak, heirloom, cherry, plum and paste tomatoes and every one is ripened on the vine. The furthest a Bartlett Tomato goes to get to market is about 1/2 mile. Each tomato variety we grow is chosen for flavor and field performance. Add to that our unique growing environment and you get the best tasting tomatoes in New England.
Many of us here freely admit that we are tomato snobs around here, and it's no wonder.

Heirloom tomatoes are not hybridized and are susceptible to cracking. Their fragile nature is a small price to pay for their outstanding taste, though. One of the favorites is 'Striped German,' a red and yellow variety that is meaty and flavorful. It looks beautiful sliced on the plate, and is delicious all on its own, or with salt and pepper. 'Green Zebra' is smaller with green and yellow color variations. It's perfect for stuffing. 'Cherokee Purple' is considered one of the best tasting heirlooms; sweet and juicy with unique dusty purple skin.

There are books dedicated to heirloom tomatoes and their preparation, but they are wonderful used like any other tomato. Give me a knife and fork, a little salt and pepper and an heirloom tomato, and I'm happy!

cherokee purple

Save the Date!
Bartlett's Table: Harvest Dinner
Saturday September 4th

September marks the end of summer and the beginning of the true harvest season. Our chefs want to share the flavors of the harvest and are creating the menu for our first
Harvest Dinner.
Join us for a celebration of food from our fields and an unforgettable evening at the farm.

Begin with hors d'oeuvres at 5:30
Continue with soup, entree, and dessert
all prepared in our kitchen with local ingredients,
featuring our own vegetables, and accompanied by specially chosen wines and beer.

Tickets are $120 per person
$100 for Friends of the Farm
Only 100 tickets will be sold.

To purchase tickets,email Tommy

Open Every Day
Seven Days a Week

Ice Cream
Every Afternoon...
Freshly scooped
SoCo Creamery Ice Cream Cones from 3-6 in front of the market!

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