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January 14, 2019
Looking forward to seeing you at Toy Fair 2019
Below, we're providing a list of our exhibiting clients and a few of the new product highlights for you to consider. Please let us know if we can schedule an appointment for you to tour the booths or if you would like additional information, artwork or interviews before, during or after the show.
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Endless Games
Booth 119

Several new games and some classics with a twist. Endless Games has endless fun with the new AKA (also known as the best new game at Toy Fair). AKA (MSRP $19.99 for ages 12 and up) is a party game that replaces the names of famous titles with what they might Also Be Known As. You know... ​​​​​​​ like The Actor/Rapper Also Known As "Half of an Arnold Palmer"* Or The Superhero who is Also Known as "Arachnid Guy". (Answers: *Ice T; **Spiderman).The Endless way to play the classics include:

Jeopardy Card Game: TV’s most popular Quiz Show now celebrates 55 years of “answering in the form of a question” with this quick-to-play travel card game edition. Each deck plays out like a full episode of the TV game show complete with Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy, and Final Jeopardy Rounds.

Wheel of Fortune Card Game: Play TV’s favorite letter-flipping solve-the-puzzle word game on-the-go in this travel friendly card game version. Shuffle the deck and flip your way through the Wheel, then call out a letter and try to solve the mystery phrase from the puzzle deck. Just look out for that Bankrupt card!

LUCKY LOTTO: “Feeling Lucky? Odds are, You’ll Have Fun!” Lucky Lotto is a game where you pick your lucky numbers and then roll to determine the WINNING numbers!

MasterPieces Inc
Booth 1135
Several new toys, games and pu​​​​​​​zzles. Among the games is new Poker Tiles ($24.99, for 2-4 players ages 12+) a competition that combines the strategy of a tile game and the excitement of real poker action. New toys include Sports Guys line up (as MasterPieces scored a partnership with Kaskey Kids). Building on the most successful licenses, MasterPieces connects wooded Lionel magnetic trains and constructs more CAT brand products​​​​​​​ with Builder-Opoly Junior, CAT Checkers, Matching Game, and wooden craft painting kits. More puzzles than ever! A highlight new line caters to the trending folk art, country theme with a Farmer's Market collection. And, always new items in the MLB, NFL, NHL, NCAA sports licenses.


Celestial Buddies
Booth 6021

The newest addition to the Celestial Buddies Galactic Gang is Our Precious Planet (MSRP $24.99) , a large (9” diameter) detailed version of Earth designed to help start a conversation about climate change and global warming. Consistent with the Celestial Buddies STEM mission to both enlighten and delight, the new Special Edition Buddy is a gentle introduction to a very complicated but also very important subject. 

Griddly Games
Booth 6464
The new ingredient from Griddly games is Egg. The company's most successful product launch, its STEAM line of products, already includes Just Add Milk, Sun, Glue and Sugar. This year, the egg-speriment are even more egg-citing 

Tactic Games
Booth 6753 
Several new games from Tactic in 2019 highlighted by Doodle Do, a fun family game, and Wonders fo the World which adds to the successful educational games that include (States of the USA and Flags of the World). Also new outdoor games that complement the company's best-selling yard games, Mölkky®, Hit 360, Kubb, BagIt and Banana Kick.

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