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SLOW FLOWERS SUMMIT 2018 comes to Washington, D.C.
When: Friday, June 29, 2018 (8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.)
Where: Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, D.C.
Why: We're excited to co-locate with AIFD's National Symposium "Discover"
What is the Slow Flowers Summit?
Called a "TED Talk for Flower Lovers," the SUMMIT is a one-day lecture series for creative professionals, thought leaders and pioneering voices in the progressive American-grown floral community. Designed to stimulate curiosity, examine conventional assumptions and explore conscious and ethical practices in the floral industry, the Summit agenda asks speakers and audience members alike to inquire, inform, include, instigate and inspire
Who: Debra Prinzing developed the SUMMIT as an a new "live" component to the American Flowers Week campaign (June 28-July 4). AFW devotes a week of activity via events and social media platforms to promote domestic flowers, raise consumer awareness and unite America’s flower farmers with the U.S. floral industry.
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VIDEOS from Slow Flowers Summit 2017

Missed last year's Slow Flowers Summit? Now you can catch up on the amazing presentations and engage (virtually) with the 2017 speakers and topics that made the day such a success. I'm so pleased to share the keynote presentation by Flower Confidential author Amy Stewart (click on the photo above to watch her session), as well as the entire lineup of speakers who shared their insights, ideas, information and stories with the conference attendees. 
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What's New in the Slow Flowers Journal
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"Slow Flowers Journal" (print edition) appears in the pages of Florists' Review
Inspired by our online magazine, also called Slow Flowers Journal, the print edition is packed with beautiful, relatable stories about florists, flower farmers and other pioneers in the Slow Flowers community. Discover more fresh, original content online at SlowFlowersJournal.com
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Slow Flowers in the News 
Johnny's Seeds "Advantage" Newsletter published my "Staging On-Farm Floral Workshops" article in early January. So many Slow Flowers members contributed amazing advice and photographs from their own events, generously sharing with readers.
This is an extensive report with input from all regions of the U.S. and Canada. It starts with these observations: 

"When I surveyed Slowflowers.com members for our 2017 Floral Insights and Industry Forecast, I asked respondents to rank their top business goals for the coming year. More than half of those participating in the survey indicated an interest in 'using my farm for events and workshops.'
To me, this is notable because it aligns with another insight we've previously shared: Floral Tourism. Like wineries, ranches, orchards and other agriculture-based businesses, flower farms are getting into the agritourism business. And whether you schedule a once-a-year "customer open house" or an ongoing series of workshops for those interested in flower farming or floral design, there are all sorts of reasons to open up your front gate and welcome the public."
For 2018, I'm continuing to work with the floral team at Johnny's to plan and write more articles for you -- and my goal is to feature the real-life stories of Slow Flowers members including flower farmers, farmer-florists and floral designers. Being included in these reports is one benefit of being part of our community!
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Perla Sofía Curbelo Santiago, garden communicator, producer of Agrochic, and popular Spanish language lifestyle blogger, is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Agrochic generates and publishes content to promote urban agriculture, including topics on gardening, sustainable agriculture and welfare. Agrochic is a space full of valuable and easy to understand information, created by the communicator and garden lover Perla Sofía Curbelo, to share resources that enrich, entertain and inspire the lives of its users and the people around them.
Perla and I met last summer at the annual Garden Writers' Association conference and struck up a new friendshp. I'm so touched that she recently produced this story about Slow Flowers and our 2018 Floral Insights & Industry Forecast for her followers.
Click here to read Perla's article, "The Flowers and Their Origins"►
GrowerTalks/GreenProfit is authored by longtime nursery industry editor Ellen Wells.

The tagline: "Retail news from inside and outside the green industry" tells you why Ellen wanted to touch on our Slow Flowers message for Valentine's Day floral gifting.
In her "Lights, ferneries and options for V- Day and Easter" report on January 11th, Ellen asked me to highlight four floral trends that offer consumers an alternative to imported roses. I named tulips, calla lilies, succulents and exotics. Check out the link to see more. Reportedly, this newsletter reaches 11k nurseries across the U.S.
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The Travel Channel typically doesn't cover topics like floral gift-giving, but we were thrilled to work with editors there to create a slide show featuring Slow Flowers members and their designs to inspire Valentine's Day gifting.
Love the headline: "Go Locavore This Valentine's Day with Slow Flowers," which is the perfect message for all of us to share.
The piece continues: "Want to both celebrate a loved one this Valentine's Day, but also do your part in supporting a more sustainable floral industry? Read on for Slow Flowers expert Debra Prinzing's picks for Valentine's Day bouquets, some available for shipping, others, just for local buyers." 
Highlighted designs include Farmgirl Flowers, Urban Succulents, Stargazer Barn, CalCallas, greenSinner, Sellwood Flower Co., FarmGal Flowers, Casablanca Floral, The Protea Store and pot + box. 
Click here to see the Travel Channel Slow Flowers gallery►
It was a blast to recently record this "Slow Valentine's Day" video with Slow Flowers member Maura Whalen of Seattle-based Casablanca Floral. We filmed on location in the Casablanca design studio, working with Andrew Brenlan (also the Slow Flowers Podcast editor) to feature floral gifting options around the U.S.
This video is being shared with media outlets, including Garden Design magazine.
*Click on image above to watch the video clip!
Upcoming Slow Flowers Events 
SEATTLE— Floral Wars is a new “friendly” competition between the Northwest’s most talented professional florists, joins the big line-up of feature attractions at the 2018 Northwest Flower & Garden Festival, February 7-11 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.
The event is co-produced with Slow Flowers’ founder and creative director Debra Prinzing.
Presented by American Grown Flowers, “Floral Wars” will be held each day from 3-4 p.m. on the North Hall Stage.
It pits two top floral artists against each other as they create three arrangements—a bridal bouquet, a centerpiece and a “surprise” floral creation—all in an hour or less. It’s a test of the contestants’ grace under pressure as they showcase American-grown flowers, USA-made floral accessories and eco-design techniques.
“Garden enthusiasts yearn for more flowers in their lives and ‘Floral Wars’ delivers on a promise—to inspire and educate our audiences with great ideas for floral design. It’s a fun way for showgoers to learn how to choose, combine and arrange flowers from your own backyard.” -- Debra Prinzing
Click here for more details, including NWFGF tickets ►
LISTEN: Slow Flowers Podcasts for January

Each week the Slow Flowers Podcast releases a new episode featuring timely interviews with flower farmers and floral designers whose wisdom and insights will inspire you!
Listeners have downloaded more than 278,000 to date! In fact, the month of January 2018 was our highest ever in terms of listenership with more than 11,200 downloads! WOW!
Check out the wide range of guests introduced to you last month and join the thousands of listeners we educate and inform each week:

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Welcome to our New Slow Flowers Members
We welcomed 17 new & renewing members to Slowflowers.com in January! Check them out and be sure to say hello!

Anderson Acres Farm, Kent, Connecticut
Beezies's Blooms, Milaca, Minnesota
Brightflower Farm, Stockton, Illinois
Ellen Sea
graves Chic Florals, Bethesda, Maryland
FloraBloom Solutions | Agronomy, San Jose, California
Flowerbud.com, Arcata, California
Labellum Flowers, Bozeman, Montana
HB Fiori, Arlington, Virginia
Jacklily Seasonal Floral Design, Rogue Valley, Oregon
Menagerie Flower Farm, Live Oak, California
Ozark Flower Truck, Springfield, Missouri
Pistil & Stamen Flowers, New Orleans, Louisiana
Roots Cut Flower Farm, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Snapdragon Flower Farm, Spokane, Washington
The Pescadero Flowery, Pescadero, California
The Stem Shire, Berlin Heights, Ohio
Woolly Goat Farm, Ft. Collins, Colorado
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