April 2018 Newsletter
Dear HPN Prayer Team,

It’s springtime and we are enjoying the world come to life in Southern California. It’s a wonderful month to praise God and thank Him for everything we have in our country, our cities and our homes. Let’s pray this month with a thankful heart and know that GOD IS FAITHFUL! Let’s pray…..


•  Continue to pray for actor Dennis Quaid who broke the chain of abuse 
•  Thank you for praying for Snoop Dogg and his new Gospel album
•  Continue to pray for the influence of Scientology

•  Pray for our upcoming event, LEGACY
•  Pray for Pastor Bob Reith, the founder and Director of Media Fellowship
•  Pray for all the industry professionals at The Cannes Film Festival
•  Pray for the people of Saudi Arabia as they see Black Panther 
•  Pray for Alice Cooper and as a believer, his continued spiritual impact
•  Pray for the Christians making films across the globe
•  Pray for our teenagers who are struggling with mental health
•  Pray for the outcome of the federal hearings from Mark Zuckerberg
•  Pray for Joaquin Phoenix playing the role of Jesus in Mary Magdalene
•  Pray for the Christian Church to change the myths of Hollywood
•  Pray for Netflix's $8 billion being spent on 700 TV shows and films in 2018
•  Pray for Pastor D.J. Soto as he grows his VR church
•  Correction from last month’s email
Welcome Our Intern, Virginia
Join us in welcoming our new intern, Virginia! She is an actress and strong leader who will be working with HPN for the next year, building discipleship and deep community amongst Christians in the entertainment industry. Please pray for her as she starts this new position, and feel free to email us to welcome her. 
Dennis Quaid's Father
Pray for actor Dennis Quaid, who talks about how his father he broke the chain of abuse that came down through the generations.  
Dennis Quaid's Reflection
Snoop Dogg's Gospel Album
Thank you for praying for Snoop Dogg and his new Gospel album. The reviews have come out and this one from Relevant Magazine is amazing, not only in raving about the album, but in challenging the church to not be judgmental, but embrace this child of God and his spiritual journey. Keep praying for both the Christians and non-Believers to listen to this album and be moved closer to God in the process. As the article’s last sentence states, “Snoop Dogg is praying for us!”
Is Snoop Dogg's "Bible of Love" Actually Biblical?
Scientology's Influence
Continue to pray about the influence of Scientology and the people producing and the audience watching a new network funded and launched by the Church of Scientology. It is largely in response to Leah Remini’s series Scientology: The Aftermath, so pray that the Holy Spirit reveals the truth to people who believe that Scientology might be true and protect the audience from getting drawn in to the network. Hollywood Reporter gave the Scientology channel a rather humorous and informative review that we want to share with you.
Critique of Scientology TV
Pray for our Upcoming Event
Pray with us for our annual event called LEGACY: An Evening of Story and Prayer on May 3rd. HPN is partnering with Mastermedia Intl for a gathering on a CBS soundstage of over 400 Christians who are industry professionals. The purpose is to build community, encourage those who are working in the industry and inspire them to go out and be Salt and Light. Would you pray for the Holy Spirit to show up and do miraculous, life-changing work in the lives of our peers.
Pray for Bob Reith and His Family
Pray for Pastor Bob Reith, the founder and Director of Media Fellowship International who just had surgery for colon cancer. As he waits for the next step would you pray for Bob’s healing and for his wife Marion and their family, as they walk through this time with him. Bob has been faithfully ministering in Hollywood and to media professionals around the country for over 30 years! If you want to encourage Bob, email him at mfi@usa.net.
Pray for Artists at the Cannes Film Festival
Pray for all of the industry professionals who are gathering at the Cannes Film Festival from May 8th through May 19th. This is the most visible and influential international Festival where producers, distributors, buyers and sellers all gather to promote and purchase all of this year’s new films. Would you pray for wisdom and discernment in the decisions being made so that we can see God’s hand on the films coming out this season. 
About the Cannes Film Festival
Black Panther in Saudi Arabia
Pray for the people of Saudi Arabia, as they are allowed to see Black Panther. It’s the first American movie screened in their country in the past 35 years in a commercial theater. This is a breakthrough film in their closed country so we ask the Lord to use this film to bring their people closer to Him!
Black Panther Makes History
Alice Cooper's Faith and Influence
Pray for Alice Cooper and his life as a believer and his continued spiritual impact on all of his fellow musicians, friends and fans. Alice and his wife Sheryl, who have been married since 1976, have both been following Jesus for many decades and he speaks out about how his faith has changed his life.
How Faith Changed Alice Cooper
Pray for the Global Film Industry
Pray for the Christians making films across the globe, for they are impacting their countries and cultures through their stories. HPN has 118 chapters all over the world, and our chapter director in Sri Lanka sent us this prayer request: "Let’s pray for King Ratnum, a Sri Lanka film director, who asks for our prayers. King Ratnum just completed the first Sri Lanka film in 40 years made in Tamil language, entitled Komaali Kings. King Ratnum is a son of an Anglican priest in his country and also the brother of Jude Ratnum, who won an award for a documentary film in last year Cannes film festival. These young filmmakers are in need of our prayer support, particularly to get a farther reaching audience to patronize their films and also producers and financiers who will stand by them." Listen to King Ratnam’s heart in this short interview.
The Story of Komaali Kings
Pray for Teenagers' Mental Health
Please pray for our teenagers who are struggling with mental health in America. A study came out in January 2018, showing that teens who spent more time hanging out with friends in person and less time texting or video chatting were happier than those who spent more time in front of a screen. There was a notable increase in overall life satisfaction for students who participated in more extracurricular activities or sports, as well as those who read actual print publications more frequently. The research team believes that habitual use of smartphones or computers to socialize was a key factor in how unhappy a participant felt. Let's pray for the ways that media affects the mental and emotional health of young people.
How Screen Time Can Affect Happiness
Pray for the Outcome of the Facebook Hearings
Pray for a godly outcome of the federal hearings from Mark Zuckerberg and other tech leaders as they decide on the legalities of personal data being collected on the internet. The Federal Trade Commission announced two weeks ago that it is investigating Facebook’s handling of user data, after it was revealed 50 million users had their information unknowingly accessed by data firm Cambridge Analytica. Pray for the impact on our personal lives and that the decision-makers can come up with a wise solution that’s best for all of us. Pray also for wisdom for all of us as consumers on how to protect our information.
Internet Data Federal Hearings
Joaquin Phoenix in Mary Magdalene
Pray for Joaquin Phoenix as he plays the role of Jesus in the upcoming film, Mary Magdalene. In preparing for the role Joaquin said that Jesus’s message of forgiveness "really moved me," realizing that the forgiving is not about the person being forgiven but more about the person doing the forgiving! Let’s ask the Lord to continue to reveal His truths to Joaquin.
The Film's Impact on Joaquin Phoenix
Pray for the Church
Pray for the Christian Church in America and let’s be a part of changing the myth that Hollywood is anti-Christian! Click here to read an HPN board member's answer to the question "Is Hollywood anti-Christian?" We also want to show you HPN’s view of Hollywood and ask you to pray with us that Christians will stop believing the lie that it’s dark, scary and evil. As one TV showrunner on our Hollywood Community video states, “Hollywood is a redeemable place, full of redeemable people.”
HPN's Hollywood Community video
Pray for Netflix's Projects and Influence
Netflix announced that they will spend $8 billion on 700 TV shows and films in 2018. Let’s pray for the creators, the decision-makers, the content and the people involved in this massive movement of entertainment.  
Netflix's Growing Impact
Pray for Pastor D.J. Soto's Virtual Church
Pray for Pastor D.J. Soto as he grows a VR church at AltSpace VR for young people to go to church wherever they are in the world. “Like all pioneers, Soto faces hurdles. For his VR Church to survive, he has to plant branches beyond AltSpaceVR, on newer platforms, such as Sansar and High Fidelity. Soto needs the one thing that may be impossible to get: for mainstream Christianity to accept that the future of religion is virtual.” We must remember that the media is not inherently good or evil, it’s what man chooses to do with it. How exciting that the church is embracing VR to reach people who would never walk into a church building. Let’s pray for the church’s future as we lift up Pastor Soto’s efforts and know that God uses everything to spread His love!
The Story of the Digital Church
Join YouVersion: HPN Prayer Devotional
Join the YouVersion App for the Hollywood Prayer Journal Devotional. Our most recent 7-day devotional is on "Worship" - click here to view it online! More great topics are already available to every HPN member and friend. Just go to YouVersion and type in "Hollywood Prayer Network," or find them all on our website under "Devotionals." 
HPN's Devotionals
Correction from Last Month's Email:
The filmmaker Kevin Smith (director, writer, actor... but probably not best described as a "comedian") who recently tweeted about suffering a heart attack is actually 47 years old (not 40, as printed; his DOB is 8/12/1970, per Wikipedia).
We thank you for praying this month and trust that as you pray for us and with us, you’ll experience more discernment and understanding for Hollywood and what God is doing in this industry.

With great appreciation,
Karen, Erin, Kim, Virginia, and Li Mei

Upcoming Events:
Apr. 18th - May 13th: Pasadena Playhouse
The Pasadena Playhouse’s next play, the "thrillingly good" Belleville, starring Anna Camp and Tommy Sadoski will be on stage April 18th - May 13th. This is a psychological thriller written by Pulitzer Prize finalist, Amy Herzog. HPN members have been given the opportunity to receive $20 tickets for the first week's performances, April 18th - 21st. Use code Drama to get the discounted tickets - click here to purchase online. Millennials will love Belleville and the haunting similarities between life in Hollywood and the lives of the couple in the play. Click here to watch the promo interview with the leads, Anna Camp and Thomas Sadoski.
Apr. 20th & 21st: An Evening with C.S. Lewis
Don’t miss An Evening with C.S. Lewis. If you or any of your friends live near Huntington Beach, CA, and would like to see this wonderful play written by David Payne, please click here for more info. See you at the show!
Apr. 28th: Christian Fine Artists meeting
NABI, a group of fine artists who are Christians, will be meeting on April 28th at the 1919 Café at the Huntington Library in Pasadena. Meet other professional visual artists and enjoy the special collection of art at the Huntington Gardens. For more information email info@hpnemail.org and ask for Wendy Wolff. 
Apr. 29th, 4pm: Bluegrass Mass
On April 29th at 4pm, come to a Bluegrass & More Concert featuring the Bluegrass Mass "Come Away to the Skies" by Wes Ramsay and Tim Sharp. This celebratory concert will include everyone as we sing and listen to many well-known gospel hymns. Admission is free at the Lake Avenue Church Worship Center! Email worship@lakeave.org with questions.
Community Calendar
Check out our HPN community calendar for more local events! Email us at info@hpnemail.org if you have an event to add.
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Verse Of The Month
But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.
2 Corinthians 4:7-9
Book Of The Month
by Mark Joseph
Foreword by Alice Cooper
"Rock has always had religion. After all, it started as gospel music. Elvis Presley knew every gospel song ever made." — Alice Cooper
Song Of The Month
"Come Alive" from The Greatest Showman
Inspiration Of The Month
How can we rethink how to use our money to help others? Click here to read the story of a local church eliminating medical debt.
Video Of The Month
James Cagney and Bob Hope
dancing in The Seven Little Foys
Quote Of The Month
“Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous,
more loving."
Madeleine L'Engle
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