August 16, 2018
Contact: Roger Wilkins, 603-864-8633

Steve Negron Earns His 56th State Representative Endorsement

Nashua, NH – Steve Negron, a U.S. Air Force veteran and small business owner, has earned the endorsement of 28 State Representatives in his campaign for Congress in New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District. These individuals join 28 additional State Representatives who have previously endorsed the campaign, bringing the total number to 56.

Steve Negron released the following statement:


"It is truly humbling how much our grassroots campaign has grown since we started this race. We have conservatives in every corner of the district, fighting alongside our campaign to restore American confidence. We have won every straw poll this cycle and have the most aggressive field campaign in the district that has knocked on over 20,000 doors. I'd like to thank all of these new State Representatives who have joined our team to help ensure we win in September and again in November when we defeat Congresswoman Ann Kuster."


- Hon. Anne Copp

- Hon. Barbara Griffin

- Hon. Bill Kuch

- Hon. Brian Chirichiello

- Hon. Chris True

- Hon. David Binford

- Hon. Donald Lebrun

- Hon. Duane Brown

- Hon. Erin Hennesey

- Hon. Glenn Cordelli

- Hon. Greg Hill

- Hon. Herbert Vadney

- Hon. Howard Pearl

- Hon. John Mullen

- Hon. John O’Day

- Hon. John Valera

- Hon. Kathleen Souza

- Hon. Keith Ammon

- Hon. Leonard Turcotte

- Hon. Matthew Spencer

- Hon. Michael Harrington

- Hon. Michael Moffet

- Hon. Natalie Wells

- Hon. Norman Silber

- Hon. Scott Wallace

- Hon. Skip Rollins

- Hon. Timothy Lang

- Hon. Troy Merner

Steve Negron is a Republican candidate for Congress in New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District.