Seeking to transform  lives  by  worshiping  God,  building  relationships,  developing  disciples,  and  serving  our  neighbors.
In Whom We Have Our Being

Last Sunday’s experience of worship at Freemason Street was one of those days when God shows up and all you can do is step back and marvel at such a gift of grace. Through the music, scripture, and breaking of the Word, bread and cup, a unity of purpose was present, enriching and strengthening the sense of God’s nearness, and of the spiritual fellowship and purpose we share. In reflecting on the day, I keep hearing Paul, our ancient companion in this life of faith, speaking to the crowd gathered in Athens, saying, “For ‘In Him we live and move and have our being.” When worship (and everyday life) is like that, it is a gift from God, and a gift that can nurture and grow us in unity to become more like Christ whom we worship.

Inner strength, single-minded purpose, reason to be – all of these come from our devotion to Christ, in worship, in prayer, in service, in spiritual friendship. I am praying for more grace-full days for our journey together. Thank you for the gift of your presence and your prayers, too, toward the unity of Christ.

Grace and peace,

A Prayer for an August Day (2013)
-Robert W. Guffey, Jr.

O lovely Christ who
breathed life anew
into a child’s still form

O lonely Christ who
endured agony and suffering
not just from the cross
but through empathy
with Your beloved world still

O lively Christ who
calls and commands, who
invites and admonishes
our leaving familiar,
habitual prejudice
to follow playfully,
lovingly, sometimes
doubtfully, traumatically,
through need and brokenness,
finally to wholeness
and home in You.


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Being a part of a community means that we share in one another's joys and pray for one another in times of need.  Please see below if you or someone you know is in need of prayer, visits, or phone calls. 

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When it's your birthday month, it's your turn to help by bringing in refreshments for coffee hour and helping set up and clean up. Thank you so much to all of our hosts and coordinators who provide for this mission each Sunday morning.

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We appreciate all of our volunteers, but especially those that help out in our children's area.  Because of their help, our parents and guardians are able to attend Sunday School and Worship services.  If you are willing to help serve in this way, please let us know!  A background check is necessary.

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