March 2017 Newsletter
Jesus said to her: I am the resurrection and the life.
The one who believes in me will live, even though they die. 
John 11:25

Happy Spring to all of our HPN members,

We’re happy to reach out to you again this month during Lent and pray that you are experiencing God in an intimate, powerful way in preparation for Easter.  Please join us in praying for the people, the projects and the issues in Hollywood, and the global entertainment industry and forward this email on to anyone you think might like to pray with us as well!


 The HPN/ACT ONE Oscar’s prayer walk was a great success

•  Michael Bublé’s 3 year old son who was diagnosed with cancer is doing well

•  We’re hearing more Hollywood pros talk about God

•  We need to keep praying for Chinese Billionaire Wang Jianlin

•  Pray for the Lord to open the hearts of all the people who have seen The Shack

•  Pray for Depression, anxiety, panic attacks & eating disorders in Hollywood

•  Pray for the upcoming potential Writers Guild of America (WGA) Strike

•  Pray for industry pros who are going through financial difficulties

•  Get excited about every Christian who finds success in Hollywood

•  Pray for the new live action feature, Beauty and the Beast  

•  Pray for the actors, by name, in Beauty and the Beast on our HPN Teen Calendar

•  Pray that Christians in Hollywood won’t be judged by the Church

•  Pray for the impact of AT&T’s proposed $85.4 billion acquisition of Time Warner

•  Would you like to be a one-to-one HPN Prayer Partner? 

•  HPN continues to upload YouVersion Weekly Devotionals

•  Hacksaw Ridge is now on 4K Ultra HD, DVD/Blu-Ray

•  Check out our HPN Community Calendar for other upcoming events


The Oscar's Prayer Walk
The HPN/ACT ONE Oscar’s prayer walk was a great success.  35 people gathered at the Dolby Theatre the Thursday before the Academy Awards and prayed around the building, the press boxes and the Red Carpet that everyone walked over that Sunday and for all the people involved in the Awards celebration. We even got a chance to pray for some people setting up the event.  God gave us favor that night, and prayers were answered, so we Praise Him for His faithfulness.

Michael Bublé's Son
Last November we asked you to pray for Michael Bublé’s 3 year-old son who was diagnosed with cancer. Good news - little Noah is progressing well during his treatment  and Michael and his family credit God for this miracle.  Thanks SO MUCH for praying!!! 

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Tim Allen Talks About God
We’re hearing more and more Hollywood professionals talk about their own relationship with God.  Each time one more decision-maker or celebrity confidently discusses their own faith, the easier it is for someone else to open up as well.  We praise God that Tim Allen openly talks about God, his rough past and his joy now: 

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Keep Praying for Wanda Group
We need to keep praying for Chinese Billionaire Wang Jianlin, Chairman of Dalian Wanda Group, who is pulling out of American media deals due to diminishing funds: Chinese/American relations are fragile right now and there is tension in Hollywood.
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Pray for Audiences of The Shack 
Pray for the Lord to open the hearts of everyone who has seen The Shack. We want this film to touch seekers’ hearts and encourage believers, so we pray that the controversy over the subject matter does not hinder the message of the story. It’s not a film for every Christian, so if you’re one who doesn’t like it, just ask the Lord to use it to bring the people who can relate to the message and characters in this film a step closer to Him. This article helps to articulate the reason The Shack has touched so many lives and should help objectors to see why young people relate to it. 
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Anxiety & Depression in Hollywood
Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, eating disorders are some of the many serious emotional issues to pray about for the professionals in the Hollywood film and TV community.  Most professionals here are immediately judged on how they look and by their outgoing personalities. So, the pressure on people to succeed by coming across confident, charming and charismatic is intense.  Would you pray for the Lord to help each professional here to find his/her identity in HIM!  A great example is Chrissy Metz from “This is Us” TV series.  She bravely opens up about her own emotional and physical struggles.  As you read this article please pray for her and others with similar battles: 

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Potential Writer's Guild of America Strike
Pray for the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) leadership and it’s members as they continue contract negotiations in renewing their union contract that expires on April 30th. Please pray that they can avoid a Strike, which would have a devastating impact on our industry.  Labor strikes in entertainment shut down entire productions, losing thousands of jobs, resulting in great personal loss throughout the business.  We ask that you join us in praying for a fair and mutually beneficial decision, and for the Lord to intervene to avoid the looming strike on May 1st. For updated details:
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Difficult Financial Situations
Pray for the people in our industry who are going through very difficult financial times. Our industry’s low employment rate does not reflect our nation. Many jobs have gone both out of town and out of country, which breaks up families and adds stress to so many lives. As you pray, read the article below on surviving tough times.
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Christian Believers in Hollywood
We get excited about every Christian who finds success in Hollywood.  We want more and more believers to be in positions of decision-making and/or cultural influence. Would you pray that the Lord lifts up more and more solid Christians into influential positions in media and entertainment?!  One of many examples is Christian Debby Ryan (Jessie), who just landed a pilot, “Insatiable”: 
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Pray for Audiences of Beauty & The Beast
Would you join us in praying for the new live action feature, Beauty and the Beast, that has caused controversy around the world.  May the Lord turn this into good in ways we can’t even imagine. And please pray that the Christian audience will not form an opinion until they see this beautiful fairy tale. HPN encourages everyone to PRAY instead of boycott and to see the film before responding publicly!  We need to be wise and most eternally effective in our response to BUZZ because people are watching us.
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Pray for Current Movies in our Kids & Teens Calendar
Pray through our March & April calendars for movies including The Shack and Beauty and the Beast, and their respective actors by name, on our HPN Teen Calendar: 
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Christians in Hollywood and the Church
Pray for the Christians in the entertainment industry who are not accepted by the Church because of the lie that you can’t be a Christian and live and work in Hollywood. You may be surprised but this is still a real issue with a lot of Christian creative professionals who are judged by where they live and what they do and not by their heart and love for Jesus. Rapper Lecrae was recently interviewed and very clearly expressed the issue.  We ask that as Christians we embrace our creative brothers and sisters and pray for them in Hollywood or any media center around the world! 
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Pray for AT&T's Acquisition of Time Warner
Pray for the far-reaching global impact of AT&T’s proposed $85.4 billion acquisition of Time Warner.  The decisions made in Hollywood impact the world and you can be a part of influencing the results by asking the Lord to intervene, protect people, bring justice, control greed and guide decisions. This upcoming acquisition affects every country in the world and it all started in America: 
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HPN Prayer Partnerships
Would you like to be a one-to-one HPN Prayer Partner?  We’re looking for individual prayer warriors who would like to be matched with an industry professional to pray just for them as your Media Missionary.  We also have opportunities to have you join a prayer team for a particular event, project o issue.  For example:  With a heart to see the collision of faith and creative excellence, HPN member Kerry is producing a theatre show that through groundbreaking creativity offers an encounter with God. She is looking for intercessors with a heart for live theatre to join her praying team.  If you’re interested in praying for Kerry or any number of people from every creative discipline in media and entertainment email us at:
Email Megan

Thanks so much for praying with us this month! Have a joyful Easter as we celebrate the miraculous resurrection of Jesus! Invite a friend to spend the day with you and pray that the meaning of Easter will touch the hearts of our culture-shapers!

With love,

Karen, Megan, Veronica and Kim

Upcoming Events:​

Taxes Are Due Soon!
If you need help preparing your taxes, HPN can offer you a $25 discount at your local H&R Block. Hollywood based members of the HPN “tribe” can take advantage of the Office at Hollywood and La Brea with extremely experienced and knowledgeable Senior Tax Specialist for Artists, Actors and Media makers. Call to make an appointment (323) 851-1040. Mention this code: 72458 to get your discount! And if you would like to donate to HPN while filing, mention this code (40010001093645).
HPN YouVersion Devotionals
HPN continues to upload YouVersion Weekly Devotionals @ from our network to the world through their App. The topics of our Devotionals already on-line are Prayer and Despair/Discouragement and soon two new ones, Peace and Humility will be uploaded, along with 48 more to come.  Join us for our HPN weekly devotional at YouVersion on your phone, tablet or computer. Go to Plans and type in HPN in the search bar.
Hacksaw Ridge is Now on 4K HD/DVD/Blu-Ray
Mel Gibson’s highly acclaimed Hacksaw Ridge is now on 4K Ultra HD, DVD/Blu-Ray. The Academy Award winning film retells the true story of WWII military war hero Desmond Doss who miraculously saved 75 men in a matter of hours without firing or carrying a gun.  More info at
Community Calendar
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Videos of the Month​: 

Michael Bublé - "I Believe in You"

Watch video HERE!

Book of the Month​: 

“Disruptive Life Strategy – 28 Days to Confidence & Success” by HPN member Michelle Moore Winder. Check our book HERE!
Tips of the Month
TedX Talk by former agent Kim Dorr, who talks about why it’s hard to define our true identity in today’s culture.
Watch Here
Phil Cooke's "How to survive tough times in Hollywood":
Read Here
Quote of the Month
Professor Rob Johnston said he tells his seminary students not to preach anything that hasn’t changed their own lives “because it won’t change anyone else’s.” The same thing applies to filmmaking, he said.
Verse of the Month
“With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all”  Acts 4:33
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