Equicizer March Newsletter

The newest product from Equicizer - the Elastic Rein Attachment!

The attachment is a training aid to be used by anyone from beginners to advanced riders. It offers the opportunity to practice rein aids with a more realistic feel and contact with the bit while riding an Equicizer. Riders can practice rein pressure for aids such as direct and indirect rein, opening rein, half halts, halts/whoa, collection, upward and downward transitions, bending, flexing and backing up.
Upcoming Conference
We were invited to attend the Child Life Annual Conference in Washington, DC this coming May along with TRI (Therapeutic Riding Inc) and the virtual reality team at GameStart - both based out of Ann Arbor, MI - that we have been working with for some time. The conference is attended by healthcare professionals from around the world and could potentially open up some new doors for the Equicizer in both hospitals and health care facilities around the country. We look forward to bringing you more updates on all of this, including the virtual reality developments with the Equicizer, very soon!
Wooden Horse Wednesday
This week's Wooden Horse Wednesday blog features a prominent therapeutic riding center called Central Kentucky Riding for Hope (CKRH). This is a PATH International Premiere Accredited Center and the blog tells a little bit about them and their Equicizer, Hope. Read more here.
Equine Affaire
Unfortunately, we will not be attending Equine Affaire this year in Columbus, Ohio. We are backordered like usual and working hard to fulfill the orders we already have, along with projects on other fronts as we look to eventually expand our capabilities here in the Equicizer workshop. We'll miss seeing all of your smiling faces but if you're ever in the area, we invite you to pop by the Equicizer workshop here in Norwalk, Ohio to say hello!
819 W. Dublin Rd. Norwalk, OH 44857