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Gratitude tip of the week for 3/9/20
by Jeffrey Remis, Gratitude Ambassador
GRATEFULLY RELEASE all that is not in alignment 
with your highest and best good. 

Definition 1: Highest and best good refers to us knowing, acknowledging, honoring, and prioritizing our purpose in this lifetime and beyond.

Definition 2: Attachments refer to a charge or attraction to a person, thing or idea, where the loss of that thing would reduce our happiness.

Releasing physical, emotional, mental elements:
*  Physical – property, illness.
*  Emotional – relationships, fear, anger, grief, worry, anxiety, sadness, shame, guilt.
*  Mental – mindsets, attitudes, beliefs, ego, attachments, habits, preferences, identity.
Releasing from every aspect of our lives: personal, family, social, professional.
Releasing as soon as we are aware of the need, before we go unconscious to it.

Benefits of releasing the non-essentials:
*  Better focus on clear spacious and alive aspects of the NOW.
*  More success on life purpose and key goals.

PRACTICES ____________
* Giving gratitude is a way of honoring and showing respect to a person place thing or situation which has been part of our life journey.  Give gratitude, allow yourself to release it.
* Create an inventory of the major uses of your time including major relationships.  What is the purpose served by each, and what value do you receive from it?  Is there one major use of your time or relationship that you would adjust or eliminate?
* Compare your current life direction and your ideal direction. What would you be willing to give up, redirecting your resources towards creating your ideal life/direction?
* Ask your family and friends to help you identify what fears, bad habits, self-sabotage, potholes, loops you are repeating, or blind spots.
* Do a self-forgiveness practice for your mistakes, failures, inaction, apathy and other issues which have resulted in your not living your ideal life.
* Write a gratitude letter for one significant past relationship, preferably focusing on one that may have ended with any ill-will or regret (this does not need to be sent).
* For anything you are having difficulty releasing, release your attachment to it as pre-work.  Getting to neutral about something can be accomplished by EFT/tapping and forgiveness.
This tip will be more fully explored in our Gratitude Circle meeting this Friday, 3/13/20, at 6:00 pm at Unity of Walnut Creek. Everyone welcome. Please join us!

Jeffrey Remis
Gratitude Ambassador
*  Mediterranean Sea Sponge Diving Boat floating off the coast, Palermo, Sicily
*  Panther Meadows, upper peak, Mount Shasta, California
*  Stylish Granny Pod, Oregon City, Oregon
*  Aquatic Park Cove, San Francisco
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