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Archetypes, Virtues and Bestiary
By Stacy DeSlatte & Robert Langham
February 18 -  March 31, 2017
Dallas, TX – Join us for our exhibition Archetypes, Virtues, and Bestiary, with sculptor Stacy DeSlatte and photographer Robert Langham on February 18, 2017 from 5 - 8 pm at the Tammy Cromer Photo & Sculpture Gallery - 2543 Farrington St., Dallas, TX 75207. An artist’s talk will start at 6:45pm.The exhibit will be showing through March 31, 2017. The gallery is open Thursday - Saturday from 11am - 5pm and by appointment.
Stacy Deslatte
Artist Statement
I am a “producer”. I need to make things. More specifically, I need to make things from stone. The stone I am most drawn to work with are the many beautiful alabasters. My work is about me producing – making something – very intimately with my own intelligence, creativity, and physical strength. My work is also about the stone. It's a “give and take” thing with the stone. It's a challenge to bring out the beauty of the stone, to showcase the colors, grain, and amazing formations without overpowering them with my ideas. I try to sculpt and carve the stone to both reflect my experiences and ideas while giving the stone its own voice. I know I have succeeded in this goal when I watch someone approach my pieces for the first time and they might utter a slight gasp or comment and then they are compelled to reach out to touch the piece. That is my moment of success! With the Archetype and Virtues series I attempted to embody in stone the personalities that persist and exist through all times and cultures. 
Robert Langham
Artist Statement
Lucky 13 is a subset of selections from the Blackfork Bestiary. The Blackfork is the watershed I live in. Bestiaries are the oldest scientific book. Ancient bestiaries had fish, bees, fox, eagle, et, but also Griffin, sea serpents, Phoenix, Unicorn. They left room for the fantastical and magical. In the Blackfork Bestiary I catalog my fellow inhabitants of the Blackfork basin in a personal approach, making eye contact and leaving room for imagination and individuality to emerge.
Robert Langham III is a native Texan. For over 40 years he has photographed East Texas and other subject matter that called him. He continues to work with film and produce prints in a darkroom. He is a teacher at Tyler Junior College and the National Trophy Individual Senior Rifle Champion.  His images are produced on Borealis Press Notecards and in museum and private collections.  He is the author of "The Blackfork Guide," available at He blogs at Blackfork and Robert Langham, III.

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Texas Photographic Society 26: The International Competition
Texas Photographic Society is delighted to announce that TPS 26: The International Competition, juried by Alison Nordström, is accepting entries now through March 13, 2017. Nordström, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is an independent scholar and former Senior Curator of Photographs at the George Eastman House.

TPS 26 is open-themed and welcomes artists of all levels internationally. You do not need to be a member of TPS to enter this competition. Artists are invited to submit up to 5 images for $30, or up to 10 images for $6 each. Nordström will award $1000 in cash prizes, and a catalog will be designed to accompany the show. This exhibition will hang from May 18 through July 16, 2017, at Stark Galleries at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, before traveling to other venues across the state. For more information, you may visit our website at