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Volume 4 Issue 10
October 2011

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They're All Bunched Up!!
Why Do We Condemn Parents?
When the Athlete is Injured
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In this issue: New contributor, Ihor Chyzowich, provides an amusing and lighthearted article detailing why it might not be so bad to see kids all packed together on the soccer field. Brian Gotta writes about when adults yell at referees - even when they're kids. And, in the first in a series, Dr. Alan Goldberg provides tools for coping with the mental anguish that accompanies injuries to youth in sports.

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They're All Bunched Up!!
By Ihor Chyzowych

That's what I hear at every U-8 youth course I teach. My reply is always the same: "That's OK!" Then I get the puzzled looks from nearly every coach or coach-to-be. The kids know what they're doing, it's the parents and the new coaches who are confused. Read Article
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Brian GottaIs Arguing With Officials OK at Any Age?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

All four of my children have either umpired baseball or refereed soccer, or both. They, for the most part, find it to be a great way to earn money working flexible hours on weekends. However after watching the games my 14 year-old daughter reffed recently, I began to wonder if some parents and coaches only see the official's uniform, and not the age of the person wearing it. Read Article

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Dr. Goldberg

When the Athlete is Injured

By Dr. Alan Goldberg

You live to practice and perform. You have a passion to compete. You flat out love your sport. It's who you are! It's how you define yourself. You have dreams to compete at school, maybe get a college scholarship...who knows... maybe even to go beyond to the next level! Then the unthinkable happens!
Read More

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