the electronic newsletter of Beth Miriam 
June 23, 2017
Important Announcement

Rabbi Stanway gave out complimentary tickets from the Axelrod Theatre for the show 'TIME and CHANCE.'  We have just received word that the show has been cancelled.  We apologize for any inconvenience
Beth Miriam at the Italian-American Festival
For the first time ever, Beth Miriam is going to have a presence at the Italian-American Festival celebrating our temple with and in the community.  We will have a tent putting forward the face of Beth Miriam and we will be serving hot pastrami!  This is a very big undertaking, as you can imagine and we need your help.  We need help with staffing the booth, making the sandwiches, taking money and being a face for TBM.  If you are willing to help, please contact Barry Edison at eyedocbarry@gmail.com
Rabbi Stanway is working with one of our congregants who is a professional video producer.  This year we are producing 3-5 videos in mid-August around the theme of the Days of Awe and the benefits of being a part of the TBM community for use on our YouTube channel.  We are looking for script writers, presenters, helpers, etc., for the following themes:

Taking advantage of all the worship opportunities of the High Holidays at TBM
What to expect in the new prayerbook

What to expect in the realm of music (this would feature the Cantor, of course)

Something about meaning of Yom Kippur

Membership at Beth Miriam and being a part of our community

If you are interested in being a part of this project, please reach out to Rabbi Cy at 732-222-3754 and he will help guide you in this project.
'Days of Awe Art Exhibit' is Looking for YOU!
The debut “Days of Awe Art Show” which will open September 10, 2017 is well on its way to success. BUT we’ll be relying on Temple Beth Miriam members and interested community members, to help make it a reality.

Israel Trip 2017 now accepting all registrants
The TBM trip to Israel is planned and the itinerary and brochure are ready for download.  Everyone, members of the temple and those who are not (yet) members, are most welcome to register today.  Everyone is warmly invited to join us for this trip of a lifetime.