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                                                                                February 22, 2017


For Early Intervention


Dear Oregon AEI friends,

Just sending a quick alert to keep you informed of things going on at the Capitol that might interest you.  

There is an informational hearing taking place in the Capitol's Hearing Room D, on Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 1:00 pm. The House Committee on Early Childhood and Family Supports will be holding an Informational Hearing on “Early Intervention in Special Education.” This is a new House Committee that was established during this 2017 legislative session, and it has been bringing in speakers to get the committee up-to-speed on early childhood and family support programs.

Nancy Johnson-Dorn, Early Childhood Director, Early Childhood Unit for the Oregon Department of Education, will be leading the presentation. She has assembled a group of providers and parents to join her in providing an overview of EI/ECSE services, where they are delivered, and what types of services are provided. They will also be sharing outcome data and information on program growth, along with discussing the urgent need to get program services back up to recommended service levels that were established back in 2009.

Good news - you don’t need to be in Salem to catch the informational hearing! You can watch or listen to it live or catch the archived version of this and all Oregon Senate and House Chamber sessions and committee hearings. 

The goals of the Oregon Association for Early Intervention are twofold: to increase public awareness about the critical need for early diagnosis and care for children with disabilities, and to advocate on behalf of early intervention.
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