The most peaceful hour at church is before worship starts.

In worship we all experience God and share our faith through music, readings, prayer, and community. But a small group of volunteers enjoy our sanctuary in the quiet light of early morning, nurturing their faith with solitude and contemplative service. They do this while performing a few easily-learned, routine tasks that make worship possible for our whole community. They are called the Altar Guild, and they're in need of a few more people.
Experience calming, contemplative service.

One Altar Guild volunteer, Lauri, told us, "I think people are intimidated by the idea of setting up the altar, but it's actually really easy. I'll arrive at about 8:30am on Sunday, grab the things I need from the sacristy . . . and when I get to the altar, all the stress of my week just falls away. I spend the half-hour doing simple, rote preparations while reflecting on my week and praying. It's a really special time for me."
See for yourself?

Our Altar Guild members are so excited to share with you how easy and rewarding it is serving on the Altar Guild. Email Lynne Henderson at to meet with a member of the Altar Guild on a Sunday morning of your choosing. They'll show you the behind-the-scenes preparation that goes into worship, step by step, answer all your questions, and probably share a few surprising facts about all the cool artifacts tucked away in our church. After learning the ropes, you are free to discern if answering the Altar Guild's call for more members is right for you.

Come learn in person about how our Altar Guild prepares us to worship on your next free Sunday morning. Email Lynne Henderson at to set up your meeting with a volunteer in the Altar Guild.
Welcome to Summer Suppers

Our new program Summer Suppers is off to a great start, and we are still open for more to join.

We had amazing time with all of you who joined us for the first Summer Suppers last Wednesday, and we welcome everyone to join us next time! Print the registration form and join the fun on all or any of the five remaining Wednesday evenings.

4:30-5:30pm | "Toddler Time" for families with toddlers
5:30-6:30pm | A delicious sandwich bar and salad bar supper
6:30-7pm | Bilingual Worship in English and Spanish
7-8pm | Bible Study in small groups based on age and language preference
8-9pm | Teens in Ministry (TIM Team) leadership talk

Summer Suppers offers worship, learning, and fellowship to people of all ages, speaking English or Spanish. It brings many in our congregation and community together, united in faith and fellowship.
See More Pics of Summer Suppers
Have a question about Summer Suppers? Ask our program director, Zachary, who can be reached in our office at 212-665-2504 or
Summer Preaching Series

Our preaching series on the Old Testament salvation stories continues.

Catch up on unique sermons from Pastor Ann, Ross Murray, Pastor Margay, and coming soon, Pastor Mills on our YouTube channel. This Sunday, Pastor Ann will preach on the invitation to abundant life in Isaiah 55:1-11. Keep a lookout on our Facebook page on Thursday for a sneak preview of her sermon.
The Call Process

Our Call Process for a new Senior Pastor is now underway. Our Call Committee is happy to talk with you about your questions, thoughts and concerns at any time. You can talk to any member in person on Sundays (see their pictures and names above), or reach them by email at
Mission of the Month: Equipo El Salvador

Our delegation to El Salvador will be leaving on July 12 to visit our sister church in Calderitas, tour throughout El Salvador, and learn first-hand about the conditions of the people, the power of community, and the work of the church there. For those of us staying in the States, we'll be able follow their journey on our Facebook page and offer our support to our sister church in El Salvador through July's Mission of the Month giving.
Support our Sister Church in El Salvador
Worship this Sunday

Gospel Text | Luke 10:38-42: Jesus is hosted by Martha and Mary.
Old Testament Reading | Isaiah 55:1-11: An invitation to abundant life.
Preaching | Pastor Ann at 9am & 11am English worship, and Pastor Mills at 12:45pm Spanish worship
Presiding | Pastor Mills at 9am & 11am English worship, and 12:45pm Spanish worship
Liturgy | Now the Feast and Celebration
Sunday School | Taking a summer break until Rally Day Sunday, September 18.
Adult Conversation | Meets at 10:10am in the basement fellowship hall. Pastor Ann will lead a discussion about the day's readings.
Coffee Time | Coffee, tea, and snacks following every worship service
Programs this Week

Stay in the loop on all our regular, ongoing programs for families, youth, college students, young adults, adults, and the community this week.
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