Avonite Clear Acrylic Sheets
General Purpose Clear Acrylic Sheeting
In order to fulfill an important need in the fabrication community, DSI will soon have a large, in-stock inventory of Clear Acrylic Sheeting. This includes the popular 4' x 8' x 0.220 inch size.

Aristech, the manufacturer of the same high-quality Avonite Solid Surfacing you've known for years, is also one of the world's largest producers of acrylic sheeting. They know that providing proper barriers is critical to keep everyone safe. Aristech Acrylics® Clear Acrylic material offers the proper protection, with durability that lasts.
Avonite Clear Acrylic Sheets
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Caliper Options
0.177 in. I 4.5mm
0.220 in. I 5.6mm
0.236 in. I 6mm

Standard Widths
4 ft. I 48 in. I 122 cm

Standard Lengths
8 ft. I 96 in. I 244 cm
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