Volume 9, Issue 4
April, 2016
Greetings from CoachDeck!

Imagine a coach pulling out his phone and trying to bring up video of a drill he can watch while all of his players sit down and wait. Or instead, imagine him fanning out his CoachDeck, choosing a color-coded card, and instantly getting the team busy. Hundreds of thousands of CoachDeck coaches will tell you which one they prefer!

In this issue:
New contributor, Doug Bernier, offers coaches and players excellent advice for hitting in various situations. Brian Gotta would like to salute all the great volunteers who make our leagues run. Who do you know? And even if your kids are not in high school yet, Dean Hebert's article about the conflicts between club coaches and school coaches will have meaning for parents of competitive athletes of any age.

All-Stars are coming. Have you decided how teams will be chosen? You can avoid nearly all parental strife and accusations of favoritism by putting these guidelines in place.

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Hitting Situations and Strategy
By Doug Bernier

Situational hitting is important slice of a balanced offensive attack.  Understanding baseball situations and how to hit strategically in those situations set you up for a productive at bat, even if you don’t get a hit. Read Article
Who Is Your MVP Volunteer?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Having coached four children in multiple youth recreational sports, I have encountered many, many great people who have selflessly devoted their time as volunteers to helping create a positive experience for the kids in the league. There are hundreds of thousands of individuals out there who do this important work and receive no pay, no recognition, maybe not even many “thank-you's.” Let's change that: Who is your league's “MVP Volunteer”? Read Article

Take Your Team's Dugout to the  Next Level
The Bench Coach portable dugout organizer works at every level of play for baseball and fast-pitch, providing the functionality of a professional style helmet and bat rack in any dugout. The most complete, team-centered organizing system providing individual storage compartments for player game equipment. The BenchCoach is the best product for coaches looking to bring organization to their dugout with a professional style helmet and bat rack system. Order now with coupon code CDECK731 to receive $15 off (offer expires soon) Learn More
Coaching Dilemma - Athlete Dilemma
By Dean Hebert

The conflicts between club coaches and school coaches are well-known. On rare occasions the school coach also acts as the club coach for their athletes. However, far more likely the club and school systems are in competition with each other. Read Article