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Volume 7 Issue 8
August 2014

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Wise to Specialize?
Parents and Playing Time
One-Handed Drills
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In this issue: If you didn't know the value of one-handed drills, you will by the time you read this month's piece by Hitting World's Bryan Sidensol. By popular demand, we republish an article by Brian Gotta on the sensitive subject of how parents react to their young athletes' playing time. And, new contributor John O'Sullivan discusses a topic that keeps many serious sports parents up at night.

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Is it Wise to Specialize?

By John O'Sullivan   


The greatest difference between our children's sporting experience and our own is the rise of year round, sport specific organizations that ask - even require - season after season of participation in order to stay in the player development pipeline. The pressure to have your child specialize in a single sport at a young age has never been stronger. Read Article  

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Brian Gotta

Parents and Playing Time             

By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck


We love that our kids play sports for the many life lessons that are learned. But when we intervene and try to influence our son or daughter's coach, relative to playing time or positions, what lesson are we really teaching? Read Article

Bryan Sidensol
Shorten Your Swing with One-Handed Drills

by Bryan Sidensol, Owner of Hitting World

Having a short, compact swing is vital to a hitter's success. Among other benefits, having a short swing enables the hitter to start their swing later, which can lead to better two-strike hitting, better opposite field hitting and more success with off-speed pitches.  Read Article

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