20-Week Abortion Ban Passes
The 20-Week Abortion Ban passed the Senate and is headed to the Governor's desk. He has expressed his support in signing this bill.

What does this bill include: 
- Bans all abortions after 20 weeks except when the mother's health is in danger.
- 3 day waiting period for women seeking abortions. This gives women time to view all her options after speaking with the abortion facility.
- No exception for rape or incest, or fetal anomaly.

This bill does not have any criminal penalties, although it does allow women to pursue civil cases to be brought against providers who perform illegal abortions.  It also states that physicians can be brought before the Iowa Board of Medicine if they violate this law.  With this legislation, Iowa would become the sixth state to have waiting periods, and seventeen other states have enacted a 20-week abortion ban.

Budget Bill Defunding Abortion Facilities Moves Forward
Iowa Senate has approved a 1.77 billion dollar Health and Human Service Bill which will block state funding to any health facility that refers or performs abortions. This new budget bill will reroute state funding dollars from the 12 abortion facilities to the 157 medical health centers which offer women in need of Medicare and Medicaid assistance full and comprehensive care. This budget bill is now headed to Governor Branstad's desk.

Meet the Iowans for LIFE Board of Directors 

Each week Iowans for LIFE will highlight one of our Board of Directors and allow them to tell you in their own words why they fight for the protection of the unborn child. Cheyanne Kofmehl has interviewed our board members, asking personal pro-life questions.
Duy Huynh

When was it you first realized you were pro-life? Any inspiring moments that have strengthened your pro-life convictions?

"I have always been pro-life. I grew up in a remote hamlet in Vietnam, and even in our backwards, ancient, and undeveloped region in one of the poorest countries in the world, we knew that human lives were something much more valuable than anything in the world. Death was a reality too often experienced because of the lack of medical care, and we saw the gravity in it. We could never have fathomed the idea that one can willingly kill an unborn child in the womb – yes, we all in our uneducated and ignorant realities somehow understood that what is in the womb is a child and not some group of cells that has no life and no value. Needless to say,"

Have you seen this powerful pro-life short film? 

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