August 2, 2018
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Trump New Hampshire Co-Chairman Fred Doucette &

Prominent Trump Supporter Bruce Breton Join Team Negron

Nashua, NH - Political heavyweight Fred Doucette of Salem has put his full support behind candidate Steve Negron's bid to secure New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District nomination.


As a trusted voice to the President, Doucette now seeks to reach his fellow "common sense approach" Trump supporters by letting them know: “Steve Negron has all the necessary tools in the toolbox. He will support our President, as well as make a difference in protecting the values we hold most important as Granite Staters.”


"Steve Negron’s articulation of our national security policies, military background, and business leadership makes him uniquely qualified to represent us in Congress. His extensive real world experience, which includes his years in the defense contracting world, demonstrates his high value to our President. Steve has a proven record of success and is a proven conservative fighting for taxpayers and pushing back on business-as-usual politics. A dedicated community servant, husband, father, and business leader, Steve Negron reminds us that we must demand the very best in ourselves, our community, and our current representative in Congress. There is no effective independent voice for New Hampshire 2nd District at present; we must start new in January with a candidate of Steve’s caliber. I am convinced he will be an invaluable asset to the Trump administration in breaking the gridlock and getting the President's agenda through the bureaucracy that is 'the swamp.’"


Fred Doucette was Campaign Co-Chairman for the 2016 New Hampshire Trump for President Campaign. A resident of Salem, Fred served as a State Representative and as Assistant Majority Leader in the NH House from 2014-2017. Doucette has dedicated much of his life to public service and experienced first hand the pitfalls and challenges of an out-of-control bureaucracy from both the inside and the outside.


One of President Trump’s earliest political allies, Windham resident Bruce Breton has been named an Advisor to the Steve Negron for Congress Campaign for New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District.


After eight years of disastrous Obama policies, Bruce saw a sea change in the candidacy of Donald Trump for the Presidency. Once endorsing, he put the full might of his efforts to secure the New Hampshire First-In-The-Nation Primary and ultimately the Presidency in November of 2016. He sees the same outsider advantage in his joining Steve Negron's campaign team: “We have not seen such a significant candidacy with the breadth of knowledge in military systems, national security, local community action, and effective advocacy of conservative values as we do with Steve. He will serve the people of New Hampshire well, and finally we will have a voice back in Congress to bring about real change in Washington.”


Steve Negron for Congress means leadership, knowledge, and commitment bringing forward the President’s agenda of national security, immigration reform, and protection of our Bill of Rights. A candidate like Steve has had significant real life experience that would be vital to representing New Hampshire and all Granite Staters. Now is the time we replace the old guard of Washington swamp water with clean crisp New Hampshire water of integrity. Washington is broken, and it will take one of our own to fix it - that person is fellow conservative Steve Negron of Nashua."


Bruce Bretton is a successful small businessman who endorsed Donald Trump for President. A resident of Windham, Bruce served most recently as a town selectman. He is also the former Chairman of the Windham Republican Committee.

Steve Negron is a Republican candidate for Congress in New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District.