There is just one week to go before New Jersey Democrats cast their vote for president.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have not won enough pledged delegates to seal the nomination before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July.

It is becoming frighteningly apparent that Republican Donald Trump may be president.
I strongly encourage you to vote for Bernie on Tuesday, June 7. I also ask that you volunteer to help make him the winner here in New Jersey. 
Bernie's bold ideas reflect the same spirit as the New Deal and Great Society, which produced victories over the Great Depression & World War II, the Space Race, the expansion of America's middle class and such social advancements in civil rights, justice and equality.

The appeal of Donald Trump shows there is a trend toward fascism in America today largely due to Reagan-Bush Republican policies but also in part because our own leadership let us down. Like Gary Hart, the Clinton era represents Democratic Party values in retreat. After Reagan, 'liberal' & 'government' were treated like dirty words by some.

Bernie Sanders is the strongest candidate to lead Democrats to victory in November and he would be the best president. 
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